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For the Love of the Underdog

| lifestyle | No Comments

I’m a sucker for a good underdog story, especially when it comes to sports! And with the 2018 Winter Olympics upon us, cable has been airing tons of great sports movies.  From Seabiscuit,…

Shine Time – Maura’s Story

| Shine Time | No Comments

“I want people to understand that a closet-edit or personal shopping is not some high maintenance thing.  It’s to make your life easier.” Maura McCarthy Welcome to my Shine Time blog series,…

What’s It All About?

| workshops and classes | No Comments

Every new year we are inundated with weight loss, fitness and plastic surgery infomercials seeming to promise us the world.  But is it really about the number on the scale,…


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"Wendy is amazing! I utilized her services electronically. I sent a picture of myself and my 3 children for a family portrait. She not only coordinated an amazing ensemble for our photos but helped me find an AMAZING pair of jeans. All of this without ever having met me or the kids! She even convinced me to try a different style of clothes and it looked amazing! I was beyond impressed with this affordable and convenient option! Thank you Wendy!"

Kim ErwinBel Air, MD

"I allowed my stubborn mind to be open and she showed me the possibilities. It isn't about the size number - it is about the clothes fitting properly and comfy for your shape/size. First time in a long time finally felt damn good in a pair of jeans - I wore them again the next day and they fit so good. I've always shopped with Wendy in mind (you know, would Wendy approve) but never shopped with someone showing me the way --- I learned sooo much in that hour that I feel comfortable to go back to that store again and can be a smarter shopper. I don't need/want a lot clothes...just simplicity and what looks good. Thank you Wendy!!!! It felt good to finally feel good again in a pair of jeans!!! I'm so grateful for that hour with you."

Linda FlintBel Air, MD