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By September 21, 2016people I'm thankful for

(I’m also thankful for my new modern headshots by Jen, but more on that later)


She’s petite,  but sits way up high on the pedestal on which I have placed her.  She’s tiny, but she’s tough.  She’s quiet, but when she does speak, she’s funny and smart.  She’s 13 years my junior, but has taught me tons. She’s a little nuts, but it takes one to know one.  She’s my business associate and marketing “go-to,” but more importantly, she’s my friend and Amiga (along with the incredible Sarah Bacon).  And did I mention she’s one helluva PHOTOGRAPHER?

She’s Jen Snyder.  And she’s setting Maryland on fire with her passionate motherhood blogging and stunning family photography.

Jen and I met about 5 years ago through the Bel Air Downtown Alliance. Thank you Alliance. She has been an integral part of The Wright Fit’s success ever since.  From photography sessions that include on-line styling with TWF, to Style Guide collaborations with the aforementioned Sarah Bacon, we have worked on many projects together. Jen is a consummate professional with a quirky, fun sense of humor…. and that’s a huge bonus for photography clients! How can you not laugh when your photographer tells you to stop looking constipated?

Jen also offers business headshot photography.  Since my hairstyle is drastically different than it was even 2 years ago, I decided it was time for a biz headshot update.  I chose the MODERN HEADSHOT photo shoot.  The experience was fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the photos.  If you haven’t updated your business headshots within the last 3-5 years,  it’s important to do so.  It’s in your best interest to look professional and current.


Please take the time to check out Jen’s beautiful website. You will then understand why I’m so thankful for her!  Here’s a Jen Snyder blog about her Modern Headshots.

Saving the best for last – this short video will demonstrate why you will have a blast on YOUR Jen Snyder photo shoot!

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