Hey Skinnies, You Aren’t The Only Game In Town

By December 7, 2016style, trends

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I always knew my dear friend Patricia “Patsy” Marks was a trend-setter.  So if you’ve grown a weee bit tired of skinny jeans or you just want to add a fresh look to your repertoire, follow Patricia’s lead because voluminous clothing is a chic option!  And who doesn’t love options?


As this trend becomes more prominent, you may see models wearing volume on the top and bottom, but most of us aren’t 5′ 11″ and we’d get lost in all that fabric. Therefore we need to think balance like Ms Patricia is doing here:

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Full disclosure: Patricia is petite, but she’s also trim and looks great in most styles. While her print top does have volume, it skims over the girls and waist beautifully, offsetting the voluminous pants and creating a most flattering silhouette. Her body does not get lost in the volume.

Another option would be a top that’s shorter and more form fitting (not tight), reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn. Actually Kate Hepburn is the perfect example of some of the voluminous, menswear inspired styles awaiting us. http://40plusstyle.com/style-icon-katharine-hepburn/

What if you’re not ready for voluminous pants or don’t think they would work for you, but find them intriguing? Well then, you’ve got to at least try on a few pairs, then make your command decision.  In the meantime you can keep the volume on the top half of your body.  An example would be a menswear inspired voluminous button-down shirt. Pair it with a tailored pant and you’re making the trend work for you.

I find voluminous styles rather freeing.  Let’s have fun channeling our inner Kate…… or even better, we can just follow that trend-setter Patricia!

View More: http://jensnyder.pass.us/fall2015-web


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