Crop, Ankle, Capri….What’s the Difference?

By March 15, 2017style, trends

Nothing like accosting friends for a self-serving picture! Well, I did just that to Laura Musser at a recent CPWN meeting and to Cheryl McComas by the Peeps at Wegmans.  Poor things, but I couldn’t help myself, they were the perfect models to help me differentiate ankle-crops from capris.

A cropped pant is actually anything that’s shorter than a regular/standard hem.  They make casual, summer dressing stylish and easy, while also crossing over into year round business attire. The characteristic that distinguishes them is where they fall in-between the bottom of your knees and the tops of your feet . Time to make some sense out of all of this:

  • Ankle pants(typically referred to as cropped pants) – hit right above the ankle.  They are often tapered or straight, though we are also seeing a lot of flared-cropped jeans this year.  Pair dressier ankle-crops with sharp booties, regular and/or pointy toe pumps for a modern-classic look.
  • Capri pants– typically more casual and they fall about halfway between the knees and ankles. Therefore, they are obviously shorter than ankle pants and also a little trickier to wear.  Why? Because they can shorten the look of the leg if you aren’t tall. But don’t let that stop you, just avoid the hem hitting at the widest part of your calf.  Instead, try to find capris that fall where your shin indents.  A good tip is to pair with wedge sandals to add height and lengthen the legs.   And unless they’re culottes, look for slim and skimming fits.
  • Cropped Flare Jeans– are a big trend this year.  A friend said they remind her of Cpt. Kirk pants, so it’s a good thing I love all things original Star Trek, including Cpt. James T. Kirk! (haa)  Throw on a light-wash pair with blush colored fashion sneaks and a slouchy, front tucked tank and you’ll be set for a spring day of shopping or sightseeing around the Baltimore-Washington area.  Full disclosure, I don’t own a pair of these yet, but I’m on the lookout!

Many people have strong opinions on whether the above pants are flattering or not, but those people are not you! So give em’ a try and see what you think.  My bet is there’s a version out there for all of us!

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