Style Chats for Your Business or Group

If you, your staff, employees, co-workers or business associates answer a big, fat YES to any of the following questions, then a Wright Fit Style Chat may be just what the doctor has ordered.

*You struggle knowing what to wear for an important meeting or presentation

*It takes you forever to pack for a business trip

*You find the term “business casual” baffling

*You want to present yourself in a professional manner, but you’re not sure how to do so

*Getting dressed for work creates a lot of stress in your life

*You want to feel more confident in how you present yourself to the world

What is a Style Chat? It’s a fun, interactive and modern twist on the traditional Dress for Success type workshop.  It’s held at your business or organization and we offer 30 or 60 minute Style Chats on the topics of Creating Your Authentic Style or Creating a Capsule Wardrobe.  Participants will better understand why their relationship with their clothing and look, is indeed, very important to their self-confidence and success.  They will become clear on what they want to present to the world via their style choices and whether or not their current wardrobe is up to the task.  Participants will learn how to edit their wardrobes to meet their needs.  In short, the Style Chats will help participants take some of the stress out of getting dressed.

If a Wright Fit Style Chat sounds like it could be the right fit for your business or group, please let us know.  And by all means, please feel free to tell your boss or Human Resources Director you think a Wright Fit Style Chat would be a perfect Lunch-n-Learn, morale boosting event for your business or organization! (wink wink)  Ooohh, we also offer an insightful 60 minute Style Chat teaming up with Life Coach Stacey Andon!

For  more info on The Wright Fit’s Style Chats, please check out the video, visit or drop me a line.

Thanks so much!

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