Clothes Shopping Strategies

By April 12, 2017style
Raise your hand if you’re not fond of clothes shopping. Yep, that’s what I thought, lots of hands went up. Hey, I don’t like to empty the dishwasher, but if I haven’t timed it just right so that Will ends up doing it, I have to do the honors. The same goes with clothes shopping, sometimes we just have to do it.
Improve your shopping trip by wearing a stylishly, comfortable outfit. Wear makeup. Wear a supportive bra. Bring shoes and shape-wear to try on with the outfits you’re shopping for. Case in point: you’re looking for a cocktail dress to wear to a friend’s wedding and you head out directly from the gym. You have on sweaty workout clothes, a ball-cap and running shoes. There’s no way you’ll be able to get the true picture of how you’re going to look in that killer dress if you’re donning socks and clunky athletic shoes.
More sage advice…..don’t shop hangry, but watch the fiber intake before shopping too. Nothing is much worse than being totally bloated out while trying on jeans! (LOL) Do grab yourself a fun coffee or tea while you’re out-n-about.
Now that we’ve established how to get started, please read my Style File Side Bar in the current issue of Harford’s Heart MagazineClothes Shopping  – Learn To Love It. Give these strategies a try because they can make your clothes shopping experience way more productive and enjoyable.

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