Are You the Naked Lady…at Work?

By April 26, 2017style for work

Years ago while manager on duty at a local health club, I was called to the ladies locker room to address a member issue.  The member, who happened to be naked … and applying lotion, proceeded to explain her issue.  Quite the visual, right?  I don’t remember what the hell her issue was because I was concentrating so hard on looking straight ahead as she slathered up.  I wanted to laugh, I wanted to run away, and I couldn’t wait to tell my peers about what had just happened.  Needless to say, the whole naked – lotion thing was distracting.

Another situation that can be distracting for YOU and your peers, co-workers, bosses, employees and clients, is dressing too sexy at work.  I whole heartedly believe in loving our curves, great legs or killer shoulders, but when it comes to the workplace, it’s behooves us to leave a little to the imagination.  The same goes for you too guys.  Sometimes slim-fit can be a bit too slim. When at your place of employment (unless it’s a gym or similar) you may want to refrain from wearing skin tight shirts that might be mistaken for compression wear.

Here’s why.  Lots of business managers and HR folks have told me this is one of the most prevalent dress code issues they deal with.  Not only are we taken less seriously when a bit too much skin shows, we can create a nightmare for our organization.  Think about it. Would you want to talk to you about it?

What are the typical culprits?

* cleavage

* leggings with tops that don’t cover the butt

* short skirts or dresses (above the knee is fine, higher than mid-thigh … you’re pushing it)

* men and women – skin tight clothing

My picture above would be fine if I decide to apply for a national cable news anchor position or if Will and I decide to go clubbing, which last happened never.  But with a few, simple tweaks, I can easily wear the same dress and still feel sassy.

Check out Lauren.  She’s a smart, young, business professional who learned early on how to dress in a manner that projects success and competence, while still being beautiful and sexy.

If your goal is to be taken seriously for your smarts and value, why not ditch the overt distractions and let the real you shine through?

psssst… I get that if you’re endowed, it can be difficult to contain cleavage.  Here are a few tips:

* Try a full coverage bra instead of a push up.  You won’t lose your gorgeous curves, they’ll just not be as front and center.  hehehe

* Consider a v-neck instead of a scoop neck.

* Darker colors on your upper body will de-emphasize ample girl-age.

* A great fitting jacket left open is an excellent way to show off your curves without showing off too much.

And here’s a good article on the subject.  I agree with the potato-sack dress! They are freeing

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