Expanding Your Style Comfort Zone

By May 24, 2017style

Expand your comfort zone. I love how that sounds.  My friend Keith gave me that fresh perspective when it was time to take the next step with The Wright Fit.  The same can be said when it comes to our Personal Style.  While I totally believe in having “go-to” personal uniforms, unless we venture outside our comfy-style confines, we may never know what we’re missing.  My sister Val recently did just that, and as you’ll see, it can pay to seek the road less traveled.

Val and her husband were invited to a cocktail event in the DC area a few weeks ago.  She had a perfectly lovely LBD in her closet, but she wanted to take a risk and wear something different.  After a day or so of shopping and not finding what she was looking for, Val scheduled an appointment with a stylist she’d worked with before.  She specifically requested the stylist not bring over any sleeveless dresses.

So much for that! (haa)  Val fell in love with 2 sleeveless dresses her stylist had picked out.  And if she hadn’t been open to expanding her comfort zone more than she’d originally intended, Val  would’ve missed out on looking and feeling incredible!  Notice how the flowy, two-toned Grecian style dress shows off her toned arms and shoulders.  And how about the asymmetry of the whimsical bird dress? It’s extremely flattering.  Val called this one the “20 lb dress” because as soon as she put in on, she felt like she’d lost 20 pounds.

So if you’re tired of the same ole same ole, follow my Big Sis’s lead…. and expand YOUR comfort zone.