Deep Muted

By June 21, 2017color

Learn more about your own coloring and how to wear certain colors by following a series of blogs by The Wright Fit and Jen Snyder, Family Photographer and Motherhood Blogger.  Our first model is Jen herself, but before we get to the blog, let’s set up a template for Jen and future models. If you want to wear colors that complement your own natural coloring, it helps to know your color characteristics.  Jen’s are mentioned below.

* Dominant Color Temperature: Cool

* Skin Tone: Ivory

* Hair Color: Medium Brown

* Eye Color: Grey-Blue

*Coloring  Contrast Level: Medium-High

(Jen has light skin, medium eye color and medium-dark hair. Clothing with a medium – high contrast level would work on Jen, especially when she’s feeling playful. )

* Personality: low-key, calm, mysterious, playful

Color Resonance as it relates to personality: Muted

Jen is what I consider a mash-up of True Muted (Summer in Color Me Beautiful terms) and Deep Muted (higher contrast Summer).  She has medium brown hair, light skin and cool-blue eyes. Jen’s personality is calm, low key and yet she has a sharp wit and playful side.  She looks great in cool-ish, subtle and muted colors because they work in harmony with her coloring and personality.  But if she’s feeling particularly playful, she can wear the brighter colors in her palette to convey this (see left collage pic).



(Resonance is the visual impression of a hue in relation to the pure pigment.  It is the result of how a pigment is lightened or darkened.  The 5 resonance qualities are: 

Washed = pure pigment + thinned with water , colors appear clear, pretty and crisp

Tinted =  pure pigment + white, colors appear light hearted, sweet and innocent

Shaded = pure pigment + black, colors appear serious, profound and mysterious

Toasted = pure pigment + brown, colors appear warm, mellow and luscious

Muted = pure pigment + complement color,  colors appear soft, gentle and subtle

**Color Resonance Reference – The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis and Helen Villa Connor**