True Tinted

By August 8, 2017color

April is our second model in the Color Series and she’s one whirlwind of sun-shiny energy.  She’s  always on the go, be it protecting animals with The Humane Society or Baltimore Bully Crew, training a for power-lifting competition, traveling the globe, or just working her day job as a paralegal.

* Dominant Color Temperature: Warm

* Skin Tone: Peaches-n-Cream

* Hair Color: Golden-Blonde

* Eye Color: Light-almost aqua-blue

*Coloring  Contrast Level: Low-Medium

(April has light-ish hair and skin, with striking blue eyes. High contrast clothing such as black and white are not the most harmonizing with her coloring, yet her strong personality could handle the contrast.)

* Personality: High Energy, Passionate, Adventurous, Tenacious, Vulnerable

Color Resonance at it relates to personality: True Tinted 

true tinted

(Resonance is the visual impression of a hue in relation to the pure pigment.  It is the result of how a pigment is lightened or darkened.  The 5 resonance qualities are: 

Washed = pure pigment + thinned with water , colors appear clear, pretty and crisp

Tinted =  pure pigment + white, colors appear light hearted, sweet and innocent

Shaded = pure pigment + black, colors appear serious, profound and mysterious

Toasted = pure pigment + brown, colors appear warm, mellow and luscious

Muted = pure pigment + complement color,  colors appear soft, gentle and subtle

**Color Resonance Reference – The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis and Helen Villa Connor**