Are You Showing Up as the Real You?

By September 20, 2017workshops and classes

Several years ago, when I made a style presentation to an accounting firm, I wore a business suit because a) I thought it was appropriate/respectful and b) I thought I should mimic what people in the firm were wearing.  But the business suit absolutely did not represent the true me, and here’s why: it wasn’t authentic, my style by nature is much less structured.  I only wore the suit once – for that presentation. I did however mix and match the blazer and skirt with other separates to create new looks. This helped fuel my desire to be creative and unique, two important components of what I now call my style intention.

As I became more confident in my personal style, I started wearing dresses and un-suits (burnt orange top, black skirt, black cardigan) for presentations, but I still wondered if I should present in more “official” corporate attire. I consulted my friend and Life Coach Stacey Andon (pink sweater).  Stacey validated what I instinctively knew, but hadn’t been ready to grasp: authenticity always wins. My sister Val made a great point too – she said, “Of course you’ve got to be respectful of your audience, but by also being authentic, you’re more interesting.”  Sold!

Professional Skin Care Therapist Jen Coakley (red tank and boot cut jeans) of Jenskin Studios is drawn to bohemian styles. Her hubby Pat is also a big fan of Jen’s boho look, though his feelings wouldn’t be hurt if she were to just say NO to mullet-shirts (thank you Jen Snyder ?) and long shirts with jeans. Let’s just say Pat wants Jen’s backside to make more of a showing. So….. Jen and I came up with a look that’s true to her, while also making Pat a happy camper.  She’s so dang cute! You’re welcome Pat.

Do you feel your current wardrobe truly represents your authentic self?  Do you have pieces you wear just to fit in or because you think you’re supposed to wear them? What if you could get rid of the should’s and supposed-to’s in favor of being you all the time?  Please join Life Coach Stacey Andon and Personal Stylist Wendy Wright on Saturday, September 30th, as we invite you to DISCOVER YOUR AUTHENTIC MAGIC.