A Few of My Favorite Veterans

By November 15, 2017lifestyle

In honor of Veterans Day, this blog is dedicated to some very special men and women. I wanted to share these dynamic people with you, so I asked them to answer two questions:

1) How has being in the military benefited you and/or what may the general population not know about your service?

2) What are you most proud of in your military career

Here’s what they had to say-

1) The greatest benefit to serving in the military to me is meeting people from walks of life that you’d never encounter otherwise. The leaders, mentors and even amazing troops who serve under you help shape your character. And character lasts even when the day comes to hang the uniform up.

 2) One my proudest moments was getting to meet Chuck Yeager while I was deployed to Afghanistan. Shaking hands with living history was a memory I’ll get to share with my grandkids. I’ve even got a picture!

Seth R.


1) One of the many ways that the military has had a positive impact on my life it has made me self sufficient and gave me money for college #nostudentloans!!

2) The thing that I’m most proud of in my career is the time that I spent as a Recruiter. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have shown someone a path to change their life for the better.

Jay W.


1) Joining the military was the best decision I’ve ever made in life. It has allowed me the pleasure of traveling to different countries all over the world that many dream of seeing. I’ve met people with multi-ethnic backgrounds & had a chance to experience their culture.

What the general population does not know about the military is that the multi-services where put into place to keep and maintain a strong presence for the United States and preserve the freedom of our country. No one wants war anywhere however; there are evil dictators that want to rule the world. You don’t have to look far to see the chaos; just look at the current turmoil occurring in Venezuela, Brazil, & the iron fist ruling in Cuba.

2) What are you most proud of military wise: I’m proud that I was given & still have the opportunity to serve and defend our great nation. I thank my Dad (who served in WWII) and my two older brothers who service in the U.S. Marines & Air Force, as I was able to follow in their footsteps.

Lenny M.


1) Without a doubt the military (USAF) made me a better man.  Over the last 32 years, I have had the privilege of working for and with true professionals who were dedicated to country and service.   I learned to never pass up the opportunity to lead when able, and follow when required.   Most importantly I learned that it is those young airman and NCOs working for you that make the mission happen. I would also like the public to know that the Air National Guard is just not an organization of “Weekend Warriors”.  There is a fulltime contingency that works every day training for the next mission.  Additionally, the Guard is no longer viewed as being in a supporting role.  The Air Guard is very much a force multiplying agency who meets the same demands as the active duty.  When the national calls, we answer.

2) I am most proud of the time I spent with exceptional Airman while deployed to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.  During these deployments, everyone came together to make the mission a success regardless of the situation or task.   We spend so much time training for the mission, that when the time arrived to execute, we did it without fail and never lost sight of the end goal.  Which simply was to win the fight.

Will W.


1) I love being a part of the Air Force/military. I come from quite a small family, so being in the Air National Guard has truly become much more than simply a career choice, it’s become family. It’s a place where I feel challenged mentally and physically and I thrive on seeking how I can impact the greater good.  Most importantly, I love serving the airmen on the ground in harms way.  I love my job, my mission, and those I’m surrounded by. Those who share these values and passion are more than my coworkers, they’re family. As an Air National Guard member, I am part of something bigger than I ever could be otherwise, helping in ways I never thought imaginable.

2) One of my biggest accomplishments just occurred recently. It was the perfect blend of mentorship, self-reflection and my personal drive to help next-generation Airmen aspire to succeed. I was asked to speak to OH ANG junior enlisted airmen about my experiences and lessons learned along the way. Fortunate to have an hour of their time, I spoke to ~20 airmen about the aspirations and expectations they had of their future careers, helped explain key pieces of the military like inclusive teamwork, and discussed roles in their respective workplaces. Ultimately, I tried to convey how important it is to find a great mentor and return the favor for airmen junior in rank.

Also, I was recently chosen to represent Airmen of the Air National Guard on different panels in the year 2016. It was an incredible experience where I got to work with military liaisons to state senators, enlisted field advisory

Councils and Air Force Association Guard Council. I was able to voice my thoughts/ideas on how to help policy makers better understand issues facing airmen, such as deployments or matters concerning orders, among others.  It was an incredible opportunity that is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Jen M.


1) The military has given me the opportunity to meet individuals from all over the world. I would never have had the chance to see other cultures,  engage in in-depth conversations and live in a world so different than what I grew up in.  Given the chance, I would do it all over again!

2) I am most proud of 2 things…

* I am proud that I made my parents proud. There is no better feeling than to know my parents smile ear to ear when they see me in uniform. All the hard work my parents put into raising me has made me into a professional Airman. * I am also proud to be currently working at the ANG Readiness Center (ANG Headquarters). After 20 years, I am now in the position to directly help every ANG Airman. The decisions I make help shape an Airman’s career.  I couldn’t be more humbled and priveledged to be in this position.

Yvette P.


1) Travel with the military gave me the opportunity to see the world and how fortunate we are to live in the USA. The lasting friendships that I made.

2) Most proud of the years of service to my country.

Randy L.


My Father – Pete passed in 2008, so I’m going to try and channel him….

I think he would have been most proud of (a) the junior enlisted and NCO troops he had the privilege to work with and command. He knew it was because of their efforts that missions were truly accomplished (b) the work he did in the Army’s Chemical Corps to help protect our Service Members in the event of chemical warfare attacks (c) how my Mother, having come from a tiny Florida pan-handle town, quickly adjusted to the up-rooting military lifestyle. It was that or be miserable. Wherever we lived, she made it home.

To all Veterans – thank you for your service!