Bright Shaded

By December 27, 2017color

We are continuing in our series about finding your best colors, based on not just your personal coloring but your personality as well.

Patricia is a long time friend, real-woman-style-icon and super-model for The Wright Fit. She and her husband Robert recently moved to North Carolina.  When Patsy and Uncle Bob (ha) aren’t gallivanting around the Carolina’s, she works part-time at the funky Banana Moon Boutique in Hendersonville, NC.  Learn more about Miz Patsy in the 2015 Fall Style Guide, a collaborative project with Jen Snyder, Sarah Bacon and myself.

* Dominant Color Temperature: Warm and Cool
* Skin Tone: Medium Beige 
* Hair Color: Dark Brown with a hint of red
* Eye Color: Dark Brown
*Coloring  Contrast Level: Medium

Since Patricia’s skin tone is medium, and her hair and eyes are darker, clothes that have medium contrast levels look great (vs low contrast – think monochromatic or high contrast- think black and white) because they harmonize with her natural contrast coloring. She’s displaying this in all 3 pictures.  Also, Patricia will look best in the most saturated swatches, using the lighter colors for accessorizing.

* Personality traits: Go-getter, organized, focused, determined, fun, extremely thoughtful, kind and loyal
* Color Resonance as it relates to personality: Bright Shaded 


(Resonance is the visual impression of a hue in relation to the pure pigment.  It is the result of how a pigment is lightened or darkened.  The 5 resonance qualities are: 

Washed = pure pigment + thinned with water , colors appear clear, pretty and crisp

Tinted =  pure pigment + white, colors appear light hearted, sweet and innocent

Shaded = pure pigment + black, colors appear serious, profound and mysterious

Toasted = pure pigment + brown, colors appear warm, mellow and luscious

Muted = pure pigment + complement color,  colors appear soft, gentle and subtle

**Color Resonance Reference – The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis and Helen Villa Connor**