Light Tinted

By March 6, 2018color

The lovely Kimberly Erwin is this month’s color-blog model, a collaboration project with Jen Snyder, Family Storyteller.  I’ve not met Kim in person, but I did work with her via email styling several years ago. I love that one of the ways Kim expresses her spunky personality is by often changing her hair color. She’s what we call a hair color chameleon. (LOL) Having said that, I’ve based the color palettes mostly on Kim’s skin tone, eyes and personality traits. Kim has the coloring of a deep summer, her features are cool. Typically, summer – types look great in cool and muted colors, but Kim is also energetic and cheerful, so I’ve added a bit more brightness to reflect this.

If you think your coloring resembles Kim’s, our hope is that you find the attached color palettes most helpful!

* Dominant Color Temperature: Cool

* Skin Tone: Fair to Medium

* Hair Color: Medium Cool Brown (but Kim changes it up a lot)

* Eye Color: Medium Cool Blue

*Coloring  Contrast Level: Medium

(Kim’s complexion is medium fair, with blue eyes and medium brown hair, therefore her color contrast level is medium. This means if she wore a medium saturated blue top with light wash jeans, that color combo would work beautifully with her natural coloring, vs a totally monochromatic or vivid-electric, high contrasting outfit.)

* Personality:  Cheerful, Quirky, Energetic, Nurturing and Supportive

* Color Resonance as it relates to personality: Light Tinted

(Resonance is the visual impression of a hue in relation to the pure pigment.  It is the result of how a pigment is lightened or darkened.  The 5 resonance qualities are:

Washed = pure pigment + thinned with water , colors appear clear, pretty and crisp

Tinted =  pure pigment + white, colors appear light hearted, sweet and innocent

Shaded = pure pigment + black, colors appear serious, profound and mysterious

Toasted = pure pigment + brown, colors appear warm, mellow and luscious

Muted = pure pigment + complement color,  colors appear soft, gentle and subtle

**Color Resonance Reference – The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis and Helen Villa Connor**