How to Make Clothes Shopping Less Sucky

By May 2, 2018clothes shopping

“Do you love or hate clothes shopping?”
  We asked this question last week on my The Wright Fit Facebook Business Page.  While some absolutely love to shop, the resounding answer was “No – hate it.”

Even as a personal shopper, I don’t love to shop for myself, but I do love the results when I find a treasure that works with my body-type and authentic style.  And let’s face it, unless you have a private personal shopper or do all your shopping on-line and/or with an on-line styling service, sometimes you’ve just got to get out there and clothes shop.  So this is for all the haters. It may not cure your loathing of the shopping experience, but I sure hope this blog gives you a few tools to make it less painful. Here we go:

1) Shop in a boutique.  Why? Because the space is not overwhelming and you’ve got built in store- stylists who’ll shower you with great customer service.  We’ve got excellent boutiques on Bel Air’s Main S. and in Havre de Grace.

·         B. Fabulous
·         Urban Pearl
·         Pink Silhouette
·         Tiger Lily
·         Velvet Trunk(owner Marissa Smalley pictured)
·         Stalefish
·         Joseph’s Dept Store in HdG

2)  Shop in the smaller box stores like Maurice’s, Dress Barn, Christopher and Banks, Francesca’s. Why? Once again, their space is not overwhelming, the customer service is good and the price point is typically lower – mid range.  Feeling more adventurous?  Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are not crazy big, but you’ll have to hunt more.

3) Shop at larger stores that offer free styling like Nordstrom. Quite a few other stores do too, but it can vary from area to area.  Linda (wears glasses) at the Bel Air Macy’s is extremely helpful!

4) Hire a local Personal Shopper/Stylist.  You knew I had to throw that in there.  Just sayin’.

Before you venture out!

·         have a plan – know what you’re looking to purchase
·         know your budget
·         give yourself a time range

Shop smarter:

·         have an idea of what styles work for you
·         eliminate stores that don’t work or just aren’t your style
·         wear comfy shoes
·         wear something that’s easy to change in and out of
·         bring shoes you may want to wear with the items you’re looking to purchase
·         keep an open mind, angry shopping is typically not successful shopping
·         picture yourself wearing the items you’re looking at and ask yourself:

Ø  Where will you wear it/them?
Ø  How often will you wear it?
Ø  Does it flatter you?
Ø  Does it work with your lifestyle/career?
Ø  Do you love it?

For great tips before you head into the dressing-room, please watch the short video at end of the blog….seriously, it’s only a minute and a half

Alrighty then, here’s to less sucky shopping trips (we’re clanking our champagne glasses together now)!