Evolved Youthful

By June 26, 2018lifestyle

About a month ago, I was trying to come up with a term to describe some of the women in my life who seem to be ageless. Evolved Youthful (EY) was my answer. For me, EY represents beauty (internal/external), vitality, confidence, panache, and an inner knowledge of who we are. Truth be told, most of those things come with a little age and life experiences.

Val, Bev, Paula, Patricia, Glenna, and Suz personify EY. They get the fact that yes, we get older. But instead of fighting it, they go with it and ROCK it! Why? Because they’re Evolved and Youthful!


Val: top L – Loves Earthy Colors, Funky-Classic
Bev: top R – Casual, Bohemian, Sporty
Paula: middle row L – Funky-Trendy, Bold, Rocks Neutrals
Patricia: middle row R – Trendy, Eclectic, Artsy
Glenna: Bottom L – Girlie, Sporty, Bohemian
Suz: Bottom R – Sporty, Funky, Unique

40’s, 50’s and 60’s represented here. 😉