This is Not About Weight Loss……

By August 8, 2018lifestyle

Am I the only person who finds it challenging not to gain weight in the summer?  I much prefer exercising outdoors in cool, crisp and even cold weather.  So unless I exercise early morning in the summer, my activity level can take a dive when it’s hot and humid.  It also doesn’t help when I visit my Mom or Much Older Sis (both of whom I’ve recently visited). Why? Because they’re 2 of the bestest cooks known to humankind, and I overeat their cooking – that’s why!

Nor am I one of those all or nothing people.  When it’s not Mom or Val’s cooking, moderation works best for me. The mere thought of any kind of elimination diet automatically makes me want the food that’s being eliminated.  Even if it was the “lamb and salmon free diet,” I would probably crave both, and I can’t stand either.

Therefore, summer time is a time of weight maintenance for this gal. If that resonates with you, here are some things that help me stay on track:

** Keep Val and Mom visits to a minimum – HAAAA!

** I love the Vagabond Sandwich CompanyAviator Salad with their Fried Chicken on top.  The fried chicken is the treat, so no chips.

** I have one, maybe two, of these bite sized Sea Salt Caramel cookies after dinner.  I make a double batch and bake them in 2 pans, like brownies. Once cooled and cut into bite size pieces, I put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. Scrumptilicious!

** When it comes to exercise, one tool I can’t be without is my Garmin pedometer. I don’t care about the other bells and whistles, just the step tracker.  My goal is to get in at least 30 minutes of structured exercise (strength training and/or walk) and 10,000+ steps per day.  If no structured exercise happens to happen, then the 10,000 steps are a must. I was at 9,943 steps yesterday by 3:00 pm and ended up with over 13,000. Acceptable.

Do you have any gems of weight maintenance wisdom for those of us who choose moderation? If so, would love to hear them.

I’ll leave you with this extremely refreshing and sweet-tooth- satiating, fruit dish Much Older Sis made last weekend. Spritz bite sized pieces of chilled watermelon, pineapple and fresh mint with lime juice. Gently mix and serve in pretty bowl or on a platter. Simply delicious.