Alisha’s Story – A Shine Time Special on Increasing Confidence

By September 5, 2018Shine Time

“Thanks for featuring my story and the theme of Plus Sizes! I want women of all sizes to know that they have the right and deserve to feel good every day! xoxo

Alisha was referred to me two years ago by Maura McCarthy, owner of Remedy Wellness, and I could not be more thankful!! Finally, and after lots of hounding by me, Alisha agreed to be a Shine Timefeature. Because we’ve worked together for several years (seasonal closet-edits and personal shopping trips), Alisha and I have discovered there are a lot of stylish plus-size clothing options out thereOptions to help you rock your style and shine like you’re meant to! Alisha, I can’t thank you enough for your real and positive perspectives. THANK YOU!

So without further ado, here’s my incredibly supportive client and even better …. my amazing friend Alisha, answering two important questions for us.

How has discovering (and continued discovery of) your authentic style impacted your life?
I think discovering my authentic style is an evolving process, but I’ve found that it’s definitely boosted my confidence in both my personal and professional life. When I wear something I feel good in that automatically translates to how I hold and present myself to the world, and the world often notices. Before I started expanding my wardrobe, I wore nondescript black v-neck tops and cardigans or blazers, partly because I was frustrated with the limited options out there for plus sizes. While I may have been presentable, these choices weren’t doing much for me. When I was on a date several years ago, my date mentioned the store Torrid to me. He said they had a lot of great clothing options. I’m guessing this was a polite reference to my choice of date outfit. While that date didn’t go anywhere, my love affair with Torrid officially began and I immediately started expanding my wardrobe with flowy, colorful blouses, better-fitting jeans and more form-fitting cardigans, and even a dress!

I branched out with this first step and then when I started working with Wendy, I took more risks. I’m not exaggerating when I say that any item Wendy has helped me choose has always gotten positive feedback from others (even when I was hesitant to choose a particular item!). It’s still an evolving process and I may not get it right every day, but I love how I feel when I’m in something I feel good in! In this past year, I’ve gotten a promotion at work and have recently started dipping back into the online dating world. I think that finding my authentic style has contributed to both of these things. We all deserve to feel great in what we wear, regardless of what our size may be! I encourage everyone to take risks with their wardrobes–I promise it will pay off!

What are your favorite stores?
I’m thrilled that there are more options out there for plus sizes than there used to be and it keeps expanding.  The days of plus sizes being hidden away in dark corners next to the furniture sections of stores are starting to change, thanks in part also to online shopping options.

Some of my favorite stores are:

Amaryllis Handcrafted Jewelry–it’s my absolute favorite, and they give everyone a 25% discount on an item on their birthday every year!
Bra-la-la–finding a good bra is so important!
Torrid–don’t be fooled by the many Disney-themed or skull-themed items, if you look, you’ll find beautiful flower patterns or solids, and great jeans!
Dressbarn  has become a more recent favorite–I wore a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans from there out to dinner with a friend this week and she complimented me on my outfit.
Macy’s–great for capri pants.
DSW–great inexpensive jewelry options that look more expensive than they are. I always get compliments on my DSW purchases.
Land’s End–fantastic bathing suits. I love their tankinis and swim short/skirt options.
Target–I just bought a great AVA raincoat for the fall!
Nordstrom Rack–have found some fantastic tops and cardigans.
Kohl’s–love their Vera Wang tops and Apt. 9 cardigans!

I’m starting to experiment with some online places and recently ordered some items from Simply Be and am also looking at Modcloth. There are more and more options available now so I encourage anyone who is plus size (or any size!) to look into what else is out there by looking into blogs and other online sources.  It takes some work, but in the end it’s worth it to feel confident in what you wear and have a lot of options at your fingertips! You’re worth it!

P.S. The current issue (September 2018) of The Oprah Magazine has an excellent feature on Plus-Sizes including: Plus-size history, beautiful style guides, models, role-models and designers.  Check it out!