The Joy of Christmas and Holiday Stockings

By December 5, 2018color

What pops into your mind as one of your favorite Christmas or Holiday memories when you were a kid?

For me it was the anticipation of opening my Christmas stocking. My brother and I would wake up around 4:30 a.m. out of sheer stocking excitement (just like a sheer stocking, you could see right through our giddiness).  My parents made our stockings so much fun with silliness and love, that any presents after that were icing on an already fantastic Christmas morning cake.

As my sibs and I got older, my Mom started adding crazy wind-up toys to our Christmas stockings. She still makes it her mission to find each of us a new and original wind-up each year. When we open our stockings at a more reasonable hour of 7 or 8 a.m., we all wind up our wind-ups at the same time to see whose is the best. Of course it’s always mine….heeheehee.
Forget fancy, smancy presents, all I ask Santa for is a fun-filled Christmas stocking…… and a little chocolate.
OOhh and speaking of great stocking stuffers……..

Here’s an idea, give the gift of a personalized Casual Color Snapshot.  It’s the perfect virtual stocking-stuffer.

Email me at with at least 1-2 head-shots that enable me to clearly see complexion, eye color and hair color.  I’ll also need you to list 3 personality traits.

If it’s a gift for someone else, I’ll email you a gift certificate to give to your recipient.

Cost: $15.00 (if purchased by December 20, 2018)

***All Snapshots must be prepaid via PayPal invoice that I’ll send to you, and they are non-refundable. ***