Simple Solutions for 2 Common Style Challenges

By February 27, 2019body types

In the last few years I’ve moved away from ‘body typing’ with my clients, to simply showing them easy solutions to their self proclaimed style challenges. Doing so feels much less restrictive than following all of the so-called rules for individual body-types.

 Case in point: the rules for my body-type would have me emphasize my waist and avoid skinny or tapered jeans. Well guess what? Very often I don’t emphasize my waist, and I often do wear skinny jeans! Why? Because (a) I know how to tweak my ‘rule-breaking’ outfits to feel great in them, and (b) it gives me more style choices.

You see, balance can be created with a few simple style adjustments such as: when I wear skinny or tapered jeans, I usually wear a small heel to give me a bit more height, and to lengthen my leg line.  And if I decide to bypass my waist/tummy, I make sure the top, tunic or dress skims my torso and that it’s not too baggy.

 Like me, Charma’s self-proclaimed style challenge is her hips/thighs. But when your clothes work for you, you forget all that and get on with your day. 

Notice how the slight flare at the bottom of her dark-wash jeans creates a more proportioned, long and lean look. Also, the tan leather jacket sits at the top of her hip bone, again creating a longer leg line. And not to be outdone by those killer jeans, Charma’s whimsical scarf and knit hat bring the attention to her beautiful smile and away from her challenge area.

Conventional style wisdom says that Stacey should wear boot-cut or wide-leg jeans to offset her upper body (and she does look fantastic in them), but being the rule -breaker that she is, she shows us why they’re meant to be broken.

 Stacey’s great-fitting, cranberry top skims nicely over her tummy, her self-proclaimed style challenge, thus creating a streamlined and slimming effect. Her army green jacket adds a flattering, structured layer, while also creating a waist with the strategically placed pocket flaps. Her booties add height, lengthening her legs, and by wearing a funky, layered necklace, all eyes are focused on Stace’s pretty face!

How simple was that?

If you fight with your body-type and it always wins, maybe it’s time to accept it, work with it, and out-smart it a little bit. These simple tips will help you do just that!

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