Shine Time – Nettie’s Story

By May 8, 2019Shine Time

Wow, check out Nettie Owens – Sappari Solutions.  If you’ve ever been to one of her presentations or workshops, you know she’s grace in action. She has a commanding, yet unassuming manner. She’s also the kind of client I dream about because she makes a hugely positive difference in the lives and businesses she touches.

This is what she does: Nettie works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations to reach their biggest goals through accountability and productivity.

She’s a nationally recognized organizing, accountability, and productivity expert. Her methodologies are brain-based and backed by science. She has written the book on creating an environment that supports who you are, what you do and where you would like to go. It is her mission to help others to clear the path to their potential.

Nettie recently hired me for the second time in 2 years to help her achieve 3 new style goals.

Nettie’s three style goals:
1) Clothing to align with the target market she is trying to reach
2) More outfits/options for her many work videos
3) Clothing for speaking engagements

Before we did anything else, and to help Nettie achieve those goals, I asked her what she wanted to project (style intention) to herself, her clients and the world, with the aid of her wardrobe (see video below for her answer). I believe if we want to feel great in our authentic style, we must answer those questions first, and then make sure our wardrobe works in harmony with our intention.

What we did: Since we wanted Nettie’s outfits to be as flattering as possible, we determined her color palette with a Casual Color Snapshot (she’s Vivid, in case you’re wondering).

Next, we did a closet – edit refresh since it had been 2 years since our last edit. Doing so helped us not repeat any purchases, as well as say bye-bye to those items no longer making the cut.

Lastly, we went shopping…. and had a blast as you can see from the shopping excursion pictures, but I’ll let Nettie tell you more about that in the video.

I knew Nettie had achieved her style goals when I saw the picture (first at top of page) of her speaking to approximately 100 people at a conference in Dallas two weeks ago. My graceful, mild-mannered – yet commanding, bad-a$s friend is oozing stylish confidence. You go Nettie Owens.


“I had so much fun with Wendy Wright-The Wright Fit yesterday. Totally revamped my wardrobe and I feel great! I don’t love to shop but Wendy made it easy and now I have a closet full of clothes that look great on me and I can easily mix and match.”
Nettie Owens