Quick Fixes for Common Fashion Emergencies

By January 8, 2020style

First things first, if you have an upcoming important meeting, event, speaking engagement or similar, I would highly recommend having a backup outfit, including shoes, at hand in the event of a major fashion emergency. But if you don’t, here are a few ‘quick fix’ solutions that can be kept in your purse, car or desk, and they’ll help you cruise through your day, rather than having your day ruined.

*Get the lint off

Ever been to a restaurant with white cloth napkins only to realize your dark colored clothes are then covered in white lint?  Easy solution, keep a small lint roller handy. If you don’t have one, roll scotch tape around your hand and pat your clothes to remove the lint. Simplygoodstuff.com has a washable mini-lint roller for about $3.00

 *Flyaway hair

What to do if your hair is a bit askew? If you have hand lotion handy, apply a small amount to your hands and then run your hands over the flyaway area.  In a pinch, this will help to weigh your hair down for a while. Want to be more proactive? Check out the anti-frizz/flyaway hair sheets by Redkin, Pacifica and Nunzio Saviano on Amazon. 

*Wrinkled clothes

A wrinkle releaser spray won’t give you the same starched effect that a steamer or an iron will, but it’s a great alternative when you’re on the go. Downey makes a travel-size wrinkle release spray.


I’m not saying these will make your spaghetti sauce-stained white blouse look like new, but Shout Wipes can be pretty darn effective. Baby wipes do a decent job on some stains too.  In either case, give the stain a gentle rub before it has time to set.

*Fallen Hems, Shirt Gaping, Slipping Bra Straps, Plunging Necklines

Temporarily fix all these fashion mishaps with two musts for your Fashion Emergency Kit – double sided/stick tape and safety pins!

*That inconvenient pantyhose run

Make sure you stash clear nail polish in your kit and then dab both ends of the run with the polish. Pull it away from your skin and let it dry.

 Throw these items into a small zipper bag and keep them in your car or purse, or have one for each place. Don’t feel like making your own emergency kit? You can find pre-made purse size kits like Hollywood’s Fashion Secrets Style Emergency kit for around $10.