It was all about the eyes…

By March 2, 2022makeup refreshers

When I asked Stacey and Maura what they’d like to concentrate on in their recent Makeup Refreshers, they both said their eyes.

Using their own makeup, we did the following:

To bring out the green in Stacey’s blue/green eyes, we dusted a combo of warm green, gold and bronze shadow on her lids and slightly above the crease. Then I taught Stace how to ‘tight-line’ – apply the pencil into the roots (not -rim) of her upper lash line – with a purple pencil.  We lined her lower lash line with softer color – deep gold.







Maura wanted a little more pop for her eyes. I also taught her how to tight-line her upper lid (it opens up the eye area) with a chocolate brown pencil. We dusted bronzy eye shadow on her lids and above the crease. Then we lined her lower lash line with a jumbo bronze eye pencil.

Stacey and Maura applied their own eye-liner and mascara after I demonstrated the techniques on my own eyes.

They learned by doing – and the results were beautiful!