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The Wright Fit’s Brand New Casual Color Consult

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“I love that color palette, and your lipstick suggestion of Dusty Mauve is my favorite color!”

“I love It! This is co cool!”

“OMG, this is amazing! This is key for me and it’s really so incredibly unique.”

“It’s awesome!”

“The color palette email you sent was so great! Love the names of the different palettes too.”

If you’re not sure which colors will make you SHINE, you’ve come to the Wright place. Our brand new Casual Color Consult was designed to brighten you up in a jiffy! Will you be EARTHY? Possibly a lil’ MISTY? Maybe you’ll be VIVID or CLEAR or even a little TANGY (Pat…aka Mom is CLEAR, my niece CARLY is TANGY with a hint of MISTY, and I’m MISTY with a little TANGY)?  Can’t stand the suspense? Sign up soon and have your Casual Color palette revealed!

A Casual Color Consult is:

* only $40 – AND… if you purchase by April 30th, 2018, you’ll receive a complementary 15 minute Simply Skype virtual styling session!

* almost effortless

* a fun and unique way to do something nice for yourself

* a great gift idea – especially for MOTHER’S DAY!

You will receive:

* your own on-line Casual Color palette with styling suggestions based on your natural coloring and personality traits.

To get started we’re going to need 1-3 well-lit, close-up headshots and a little more lifestyle information. Prepayment is required.

For more info and registration, please click here: The Wright Fit’s Casual Color Consult


Shine Time – Heather’s Story

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“I’m a stay at home mom, frequent entertainer and trying to stay hip and fit to keep up with my three kids. I recently had Wendy come and do a closet edit. She was so helpful and encouraging. She weeded through my “never been worn” and “haven’t worn in a while” clothing. She helped me get rid of what did not suit me and gave me new inspiration with what I already own.
I now have a better idea of how to put together pieces that I wouldn’t have thought about in the past. It was like shopping in my own closet!!”
Heather Woody

Heather was one of my favorite co-workers when we worked at The Bel Air Athletic Club in the late 1990’s.  So when she contacted me in February to help her edit her wardrobe, I was excited to see my old (you know what I mean, she’s obviously not old) friend.

Heather has an ethereal beauty.  One in which I envision her starring in a period piece like “Pride and Prejudice” or “Poldark” on Masterpiece.  But her beauty runs deep, in her warmth of heart and kindness.

She wanted to make sure she was getting the most of her current wardrobe, so we re-styled many of her basic pieces with items less worn (denim vest), to create fun, “new” outfits.

I love the olive green vest Heather paired with the cream, lacy top, jeans and boots,  kind of  military meets feminine. Heather also created a stylishly, simple outfit by pairing her denim jacket with a casual, black dress. Easy-peasy-polished.

The main goal was to create those “in-between” outfits (polished casual) for everyday errand running, as well as casual entertaining.I believe Heather’s inner and outer beauty shine through in these non-complicated ensembles. Mission accomplished!

Try Your Own Color Analysis

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Last week I posted a question on The Wright Fit’s Facebook page asking people what their favorites colors were and why they loved them. The responses were prompt and enthusiastic. We are naturally drawn to color, as it adds beauty to our lives. Think of the bright and CLEAR colors that blossom each spring. How about the EARTHY hues that captivate us each fall …… yep, color rocks. And If you wear a beautiful and flattering color near your face, it will brighten and even out your complexion. So even on your most hurried days, wear a great color and you’ll get a mini-makeover.

But Wendy, how do I know which colors work for me? Excellent question. Let’s cover some basics.

*Wear colors that make you feel happy

*Wear colors that you get compliments in

*Wear colors that work with your natural coloring (hair-skin tone-eyes)

My MOS (much older Sis) Val is going to show us how, and I’ve provided a quick color tutorial video at the end of the blog. Like Val, wear very little makeup because you need to see how the draped colors will affect your complexion. Next, stand in front of a mirror with lots of good, natural lighting. Then:

*Drape the article of clothing or swatch across your shoulders

*Notice if the color evens out your skin tone or highlights dark circles, redness etc

You want the color to create a brightening, creamy effect.  If it doesn’t, it’s not your color.  Notice how the pink shirt washes Val out, yet the orange creates a peaches-n-cream complexion. That’s what we want. The EARTHY orange works in harmony with her warm coloring.

Believe it or not, your personality can play a big role in your color selections too. Take Jen Snyder, Stacey Andon and myself:

Our natural coloring pulls towards the cooler (think blue water and ice), more MISTY color spectrum, yet our personalities are distinctly different.  Jen is a self – proclaimed introvert with a quiet and calming demeanor.  She looks gorgeous in MISTY – muted colors, like soft raspberry and the soft blue in her hair. Stacey exudes an infectious, big and positive energy, so she can pull off more VIVID cool colors like this electric blue.  I fall into the TANGY zone (warm and cool – similar to my extroverted -introvert personality), like the turquoise pendant I’m wearing, it has warm and cool properties.

There you have it. I challenge you (with love) to try the draping experiment! Not only is it something wonderful you can do for yourself, it’s fun!

PS- The Wright Fit, with the help of Graphic Artist Gina Helms, is creating an exciting and almost effortless “Casual Color Consult” service just for you.  Stay tuned for more info!

Light Tinted

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The lovely Kimberly Erwin is this month’s color-blog model, a collaboration project with Jen Snyder, Family Storyteller.  I’ve not met Kim in person, but I did work with her via email styling several years ago. I love that one of the ways Kim expresses her spunky personality is by often changing her hair color. She’s what we call a hair color chameleon. (LOL) Having said that, I’ve based the color palettes mostly on Kim’s skin tone, eyes and personality traits. Kim has the coloring of a deep summer, her features are cool. Typically, summer – types look great in cool and muted colors, but Kim is also energetic and cheerful, so I’ve added a bit more brightness to reflect this.

If you think your coloring resembles Kim’s, our hope is that you find the attached color palettes most helpful!

* Dominant Color Temperature: Cool

* Skin Tone: Fair to Medium

* Hair Color: Medium Cool Brown (but Kim changes it up a lot)

* Eye Color: Medium Cool Blue

*Coloring  Contrast Level: Medium

(Kim’s complexion is medium fair, with blue eyes and medium brown hair, therefore her color contrast level is medium. This means if she wore a medium saturated blue top with light wash jeans, that color combo would work beautifully with her natural coloring, vs a totally monochromatic or vivid-electric, high contrasting outfit.)

* Personality:  Cheerful, Quirky, Energetic, Nurturing and Supportive

* Color Resonance as it relates to personality: Light Tinted

(Resonance is the visual impression of a hue in relation to the pure pigment.  It is the result of how a pigment is lightened or darkened.  The 5 resonance qualities are:

Washed = pure pigment + thinned with water , colors appear clear, pretty and crisp

Tinted =  pure pigment + white, colors appear light hearted, sweet and innocent

Shaded = pure pigment + black, colors appear serious, profound and mysterious

Toasted = pure pigment + brown, colors appear warm, mellow and luscious

Muted = pure pigment + complement color,  colors appear soft, gentle and subtle

**Color Resonance Reference – The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis and Helen Villa Connor**

Shine Time – Suzie’s Story

By | Shine Time

“I had my own sense of who I was and my own vibe, but I didn’t feel confident. You’re the one who pushed me over the edge and gave me my wings. You’re my catalyst-angel.” 
Suz Letschin

Suz and I became friends in 1995 when she hired me as her personal trainer. We quickly became Soul-Sisters. Together we’ve been through thick and thin, good and bad, and I love her dearly. Here are a few examples of how she’s impacted my life these last 23 years:

*She introduced me to my husband Will
*We were married in her backyard
*We were shopping together when I had my “dark-wash, boot-cut jeans epiphany,”  enabling me to follow a new passion – personal styling
*She’s been, and still is, a mentor
*She’s taught me so much about one of her passions – holistic health
*She was a style-guinea-pig for me as I went through my certification process  (see pic above)

Suz  was the subject of 3 different assignments during my certification, those being:  a) color analysis, b) body silhouette analysis (she’s got a short waist and long rise -lol) and c) personal shopping.  I couldn’t have done it without her help.  And it’s pretty cool that during this journey, she found a fun and sporty style that she owns and makes no apologies for. I love that!

Over the years, as Suzie has evolved, so has her personal training business.  She asks potential clients if they are ready to live their lives fully.  And if they are, she guides them through strength training, mindful movements, meditation, gentle yoga, stretching, seeing food through a different lens, amongst other hidden treasures.  And….did I mention she’s a Certified Organic Farmer with the State of MD? Well, she is, and her small farm is called Stillwater Gardens.  She sells her garlic and other produce to individuals, area farms and restaurants as she’s able (a lot depends on Mother Nature).

I could go on for days about this amazing woman, but you’d  probably stop reading, so I’ll finish now.  If you’re seeking a fresh approach to your overall health and wellness, you want to contact Suz Letschin, your WHOLE-listic Navigator at

Want to learn more about Suzie’s personal styling experience or about Suz Letschin – The WHOLE-Listic Navigator? You’re in luck – you can do both by watching this fun video!