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Shine Time with Jen and Jory

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I met both of these amazing women in 2012, and in a fun, six degrees of separation kind of way, they met each other in 2018!  Learn how Jen Snyder, Family Storyteller and Jory Fisher, Business Coach & Sales Trainer, impact the lives of many, as well as how discovering their authentic style has impacted their own lives. This is good stuff…

Jen Snyder, Family Storyteller 

The day Jen Snyder reached out to connect with me, was my lucky day. Over the years we have become steadfast friends, and we’ve worked on numerous projects together, including our Seasonal Style Guides (with fellow Amiga Sarah Bacon).

Jen, with her creativity, social media savvy and incredible photography, has been instrumental in making The Wright Fit, the actual right fit for a lot of wonderful clients. For that I am ever grateful. 

And while her main concentration is Family Storytelling, Jen is also a talented professional head-shot specialist (see Jory’s stunning Traditional and Modern head shots below). If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your professional head shots, make sure you get in touch with Jen. You’re Welcome! LOL

Below you will find Jen’s website and contact info, as well as her answers to a few questions:

Jen, what exactly is a Family Storyteller?
I inspire authenticity in motherhood so that Moms can find and celebrate their moments of unconditional love in their everyday lives. I believe that the real magic and nostalgia in life comes from the moments, not the big milestones, but it’s easy to lose track of those everyday moments when Moms are drowning in sleep deprivation, over-scheduled days of driving the kids to practice, and their massive to-do lists. I help Moms find their moments of unconditional love by guiding them to find their own stories. We sit down together and discuss just what are those moments right now that you know the kids will outgrow? Their quirks, hobbies, even the things that drive you absolutely crazy? I come to their homes and photograph these moments, creating a beautiful album of their every day, authentic, beautiful lives. We celebrate tomorrow’s nostalgia today.

How would you describe your style?
authentic, sentimental, quirky

Has discovering your authentic style impacted your life and/or business?
Discovering my authentic style has simplified and streamlined my life: everything from making a big decision (does this reflect who I am?) down to deciding what to wear (Does this outfit reflect who I am?). It’s helped steer the course of my business, as well. In the past, I’d make decisions based on the direction the wind was blowing and often I couldn’t really put my finger on why something worked or why it didn’t. Now I understand if it’s in harmony with my authentic self it has a much higher success rate. Style is more than just the way you dress- it’s who you are as a whole and is represented in how you dress.
Contact Jen:

Jory Fisher, Business Coach & Sales Trainer

I was immediately impressed with Jory when I met her. She lit up that meeting room with her warmth, sense of humor and intelligence. We quickly became friends and took advantage of each other’s unique skills of coaching and personal styling. I’d like to think we’ve helped each other transform our businesses, Jory by helping me see my own strength and potential, and me by being Jory’s catalyst in her professional-funky-bohemian style.

To my entrepreneurial friends –  if you’re looking for a positive influence in your life, as well as a Business Coach/Sales Trainer who will help you grow your business, reach out to Jory! You won’t be sorry. 

Below you will find Jory’s website and contact info, as well as her answers to a few questions….oh yeah, and a great Before & After pic!

How would you describe your style?
An eclectic combination of Business Casual, Business Bohemian, Sporty, Professional, and Preppy ūüėČ
Has discovering your authentic style impacted your life and/or business?
Definitely. No longer an attorney and law professor, I don’t concern myself with what I’m expected to wear. Wendy helped me learn which colors and styles look best on me. Now I can confidently dress the way I feel.Thank you, Wendy!
How do you help your clientele grow their businesses and reach their dreams?
I love working with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses steadily and joyfully. I help my clients hone their communication and business skills so they can increase sales and develop healthy, long-term relationships with their customers.

Contact Jory:
Here’s a fun BEFORE (left) & AFTER (right) of Jory from 2013, the same year I introduced her to my hairstylist Ashley Sherwood Wingate at Jordan Thomas. I truly believe Jory’s hair makeover has had the most impact on her stunning, style transformation. Jory still sees Ashley today!

Don’t Apologize for This….

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Have you ever apologized for being a little more “polished” than you’re used to? An entrepreneur friend of mine, who dresses quite casually day to day, did just that at a recent networking event. Funny thing was, she looked fantastic, just the way you’d want your marketing specialist to look: professionally approachable, confident and creative.

And full disclosure, I used to do the same thing…. a lot, especially when I was figuring out my own personal style. It was as if I felt bad about feeling good. ¬†Deep down I was probably a bit self conscious of my newly found confidence. Wow, a psychologist could have a field day with that, right? ¬†But if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or you just want to feel better about yourself, what you put forth in the world, including your personal style, shapes not only YOUR self perception, but also the perception of how others see you.

Think of the power in that. Right now, if you don’t feel great about your appearance, or you have no idea what your style is, ask yourself what you want others to see about you, but more importantly, ask yourself what you want to see when you look in the mirror. Then take a step in that direction. If you have a closet full of corporate attire, but you’re working in a more relaxed environment or retired, it’s time to make some wardrobe changes.¬† And guess what? This can be so much fun!

In my case, I want to see, and want you to see, that I’m not trying to be anyone other than myself. ¬†I don’t live for fashion, but I love to feel and look sassy, confident and tree/mountain-top grounded. I love the outdoors, mountains, wildlife, laughing, cherry-pink tinted lip gloss and tons of print dresses! (HA) This is what I attempt to project, because when I finally released the notion that I had to look a certain way, it was immensely empowering.

So the next time you feel yourself about to apologize for looking great, receive that compliment with a huge smile and a “thank you,” while allowing yourself to feel THE POWER of the authentic POLISH.

And who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other summiting a mountain….or climbing a tree. ¬†¬†ūüėČ

The Joy of Christmas and Holiday Stockings

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What pops into your mind as one of your favorite Christmas or Holiday memories when you were a kid?

For me it was the anticipation of opening my Christmas stocking. My brother and I would wake up around 4:30 a.m. out of sheer stocking excitement (just like a sheer stocking, you could see right through our giddiness).  My parents made our stockings so much fun with silliness and love, that any presents after that were icing on an already fantastic Christmas morning cake.

As my sibs and I got older, my Mom started adding crazy wind-up toys to our Christmas stockings. She still makes it her mission to find each of us a new and original wind-up each year. When we open our stockings at a more reasonable hour of 7 or 8 a.m., we all wind up our wind-ups at the same time to see whose is the best. Of course it’s always mine….heeheehee.
Forget fancy, smancy presents, all I ask Santa for is a fun-filled Christmas stocking…… and a little chocolate.
OOhh and speaking of great stocking stuffers……..

Here’s an idea, give the gift of a personalized Casual Color Snapshot.¬† It’s the perfect virtual stocking-stuffer.

Email me at with at least 1-2 head-shots that enable me to clearly see complexion, eye color and hair color.¬† I’ll also need you to list 3 personality traits.

If it’s a gift for someone else, I’ll email you a gift certificate to give to your recipient.

Cost: $15.00 (if purchased by December 20, 2018)

***All Snapshots must be prepaid via PayPal invoice that I’ll send to you, and they are non-refundable. ***¬†

Things The Wright Fit Loves… a Gift Guide

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Hey friends, I’ve come up with a list of¬† “Things I love,” as often featured individually in my newsletters. You’ll see that some of the¬†things are free, and the others range from fun, to holistic, to practical, and almost all are very affordable.

I wanted to get this to you before Thanksgiving and all the craziness that follows it! (LOL) So save this email in a safe place for reference, and have a wonderful Turkey Day next week!


1) The Ma & Pa Trail: FREE!
2) Oboz Waterproof Trail Shoes: $110
3) LL Bean Stowaway Sling: $34.95
4) GarminVivofit Fitness Tracker: it’s old, approx. $80

5) Beautiful Crystals, Stones and Jewelry: Local Boutiques and Artisans
6) Spa/Relaxation Music: Cable Music Channels and Sirius XM
7) Cherapy Heat Wraps and Pillow: $29.95 (heat ’em up and wrap them around your neck – they’re awesome!!)
8) Tranquility Essential Oil Body Mist by The WHOLE-Listic Navigator, Suz Letschin: $25.00 (smells Heavenly)

9) Five Minute Face Essentials: Paula’s Choice Tinted¬† Moisturizer w/SPF– $33, Chap Stick Hydration¬†– approx. $4.50, NYX Jumbo Eyeliner¬†-$4.50,¬†Great Lash Mascara, Wet-n-Wild Fergie Highlighter¬†– $5.99
10) Old Navy Simple Grey Swing Dress: approx. $20, Funky Scarf: Local Boutiques and Artisans
11) Travel Cubes: approx. $20 at Target and on Amazon. These things rock and are fantastic gifts!
12) BOC Knee High Moto/Riding Boots: $89.99

13) De La Terre Herb Rich Cream: Contact Jenskin Studios for pricing, Paula’s Choice Antioxidant Concentrate Serum: $38
Love both of these products!!
14) Conair Infiniti Pro Dual Curling/Straightening Iron: approx. $80
15) Full Length Mirror: approx $15 – $20 at Target/Walmart etc
16) Funky Jewery: Local Boutiques and Artisans (these in particular – Boutique 44)

17) Sea Salt Caramel Cookies: Recipe on back of the chips
18) A Great Cup of Home Brewed Coffee: Ninja: $99.99, Starbucks Italian Roast – approx. $7.99, Seattle’s Best – approx. $5.99, Aldi Fair Trade Sumatra- $4.99
19) A Lazy Afternoon Coffee and a Nice Read: Priceless
20) Fall/Winter Hygge-ness: you probably have all you need for this

Case Studies in Making an Effort

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A couple of months ago while clothes scouting at TJMaxx, I ran into Nettie Owens, Productivity Consultant and owner of Sappari Consulting. She looked amazing in a simple wrap dress, kitten heeled – nude pumps, and minimal makeup. I asked her if she had an important meeting to go to and she informed me she did not.¬† I admit, I was a little surprised to see her dressed so professionally when she didn’t have to meet with a client, and yet I was proud of Nettie. You see, she had¬†hired The Wright Fit two¬†years prior to help her tweak and update her wardrobe.¬†It had taken. Nettie told me she had been working from home and then had some errands to run. She said dressing professionally and feeling good about how she was presenting herself made her much more productive.¬† Boy oh boy do I get that.

Here are a few more thoughts on the subject in my¬†Style File Side¬†Bar in the current Harford’s Heart Magazine: