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Case Study – To Makeup or Not to Makeup

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Here’s the case study set up: you have an important meeting, coffee date, interview, networking event or first date. How do you show up? What do you want to project? What can you do to feel your absolute best?

Do you show up sans makeup like me in picture #1? Or maybe you apply a tinted moisturizer and lip balm like I’ve done in picture #2. I can tell you this for sure, I feel most confident and authentic in picture #3.

I know many who can just wear mascara or a beautiful lip color to look and feel amazing. But as you can see in picture #1, that’s a tentative smile. If I were to leave the house like that, I’d pray I didn’t run into anyone I know. I freely and happily admit that I LOVE what just a little makeup can do to make my features pop, and help me feel more attractive. And if I feel my best, as I do in picture #3 by adding eyeliner and mascara, I’ll have a much better chance of shining!

How about you? 

Shine Time – Bev’s Story

By | Shine Time

“I think if you’re comfortable in your style, you’re going to shine no matter what.”
Bev Smith

Bev Smith is a quiet power house. She’s smart, warm, impactful and oh-so-funny.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bev in the 1990’s when I was a trainer at the Bel Air Athletic Club. In 2011, after running into Bev on the Ma & Pa trail, I told her about my fledging Personal Styling Business – The Wright Fit.  Bev, already a member of The Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network, told me about the organization and it’s many benefits.

I joined CPWN later that week and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thanks to Bev.  CPWN has been instrumental in the growth of The Wright Fit, and I’ve met amazing mentors and lifelong friends through the organization, thanks to Bev.  I think we have a recurring theme here.  And did I mention Bev is now the President of CPWN? Well, she is. Pretty cool.

Bev has been in the Real Estate business for 14 years and works as a Realtor and “Listing Specialist” with Tessier Real Estate.  She works hard and smart for her clients and they all appreciate her calm demeanor and sassy sense of humor. Because let’s face it, buying and/or selling a home is a huge and stressful life event!

Not long after I joined CPWN, Bev decided she wanted to “up” her professional style and hired me for a Personal Shopping trip.  Admittedly, not a dress wearer, Bev saw the light that day and became somewhat of a dress convert.  Over the years with a closet-edit and occasional, seasonal Personal Shopping trips, Bev has truly come into her AUTHENTIC STYLE.  A style that exudes quiet confidence with nothing to prove.

These days you’ll find Bev stylin’ in her favorite distressed jeans, skinny white crops, bohemian inspired tops and casual summer dresses.  She has a knack for looking polished in all of her personal uniforms.  Bev has also decided (at least for now) to embrace her naturally wavy hair, cutting down on her “getting ready” time.

Authentic style, embracing the waves…The Bev has definitely learned to take the stress out of getting dressed while coming into her own.

Learn more about Bev’s Story in this short video.


Rock Your Style…Even if it’s Not Rock!

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Do me a favor and think back to your teens. What kind of music did you listen to? Supposedly we’re most musically impressionable in our teens, and for me, that’s definitely true.  As I recently watched the 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, I was struck by how great some of my musical heroes looked and sounded.  Justin Hayward and John Lodge of The Moody Blues, Jon Bon Jovi and The Cars (minus my beloved Benjamin Orr who passed in 2000) looked their ages in the best way. They weren’t trying too hard, but they were still rockin’ and making my heart go pitter patter! That got me thinking about how the important music from my past, has influenced my style through today.  And beware, I have proof.

If you watch any videos from the early inception of MTV, onesies were it – think Aldo Nova, Styx, the list goes on and on.  So naturally I was excited to wear mine on New Wave/Punk Rock day at my high school in 1983. Then we moved on to the “bigger hair” days of the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s. The Wilson sisters nor Kip Winger had anything on my hair. And how about the time I took a Keith Urban pic to my hairstylist because I wanted the same cut? I would say that’s influence….and a little weird.

Like the bands and artists that have so influenced my life, my style will always reflect a bit of eclectic edginess. Maybe it’s my way of paying tribute to the lifetime of enjoyment their music has brought me, but it’s definitely where I feel most authentic.  Rock on.

How has your favorite music influenced your life and/or style? Would love to know. 

Here are some of the bands/artists who’ve had a huge influence on me, and with the exception of The Cars video from 1985, the others are fairly recent.  Now this is how to age!

How to Make Clothes Shopping Less Sucky

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“Do you love or hate clothes shopping?”
  We asked this question last week on my The Wright Fit Facebook Business Page.  While some absolutely love to shop, the resounding answer was “No – hate it.”

Even as a personal shopper, I don’t love to shop for myself, but I do love the results when I find a treasure that works with my body-type and authentic style.  And let’s face it, unless you have a private personal shopper or do all your shopping on-line and/or with an on-line styling service, sometimes you’ve just got to get out there and clothes shop.  So this is for all the haters. It may not cure your loathing of the shopping experience, but I sure hope this blog gives you a few tools to make it less painful. Here we go:

1) Shop in a boutique.  Why? Because the space is not overwhelming and you’ve got built in store- stylists who’ll shower you with great customer service.  We’ve got excellent boutiques on Bel Air’s Main S. and in Havre de Grace.

·         B. Fabulous
·         Urban Pearl
·         Pink Silhouette
·         Tiger Lily
·         Velvet Trunk(owner Marissa Smalley pictured)
·         Stalefish
·         Joseph’s Dept Store in HdG

2)  Shop in the smaller box stores like Maurice’s, Dress Barn, Christopher and Banks, Francesca’s. Why? Once again, their space is not overwhelming, the customer service is good and the price point is typically lower – mid range.  Feeling more adventurous?  Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are not crazy big, but you’ll have to hunt more.

3) Shop at larger stores that offer free styling like Nordstrom. Quite a few other stores do too, but it can vary from area to area.  Linda (wears glasses) at the Bel Air Macy’s is extremely helpful!

4) Hire a local Personal Shopper/Stylist.  You knew I had to throw that in there.  Just sayin’.

Before you venture out!

·         have a plan – know what you’re looking to purchase
·         know your budget
·         give yourself a time range

Shop smarter:

·         have an idea of what styles work for you
·         eliminate stores that don’t work or just aren’t your style
·         wear comfy shoes
·         wear something that’s easy to change in and out of
·         bring shoes you may want to wear with the items you’re looking to purchase
·         keep an open mind, angry shopping is typically not successful shopping
·         picture yourself wearing the items you’re looking at and ask yourself:

Ø  Where will you wear it/them?
Ø  How often will you wear it?
Ø  Does it flatter you?
Ø  Does it work with your lifestyle/career?
Ø  Do you love it?

For great tips before you head into the dressing-room, please watch the short video at end of the blog….seriously, it’s only a minute and a half

Alrighty then, here’s to less sucky shopping trips (we’re clanking our champagne glasses together now)!

The Wright Fit’s Brand New Casual Color Consult

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“I love that color palette, and your lipstick suggestion of Dusty Mauve is my favorite color!”

“I love It! This is co cool!”

“OMG, this is amazing! This is key for me and it’s really so incredibly unique.”

“It’s awesome!”

“The color palette email you sent was so great! Love the names of the different palettes too.”

If you’re not sure which colors will make you SHINE, you’ve come to the Wright place. Our brand new Casual Color Consult was designed to brighten you up in a jiffy! Will you be EARTHY? Possibly a lil’ MISTY? Maybe you’ll be VIVID or CLEAR or even a little TANGY (Pat…aka Mom is CLEAR, my niece CARLY is TANGY with a hint of MISTY, and I’m MISTY with a little TANGY)?  Can’t stand the suspense? Sign up soon and have your Casual Color palette revealed!

A Casual Color Consult is:

* only $40 – AND… if you purchase by April 30th, 2018, you’ll receive a complementary 15 minute Simply Skype virtual styling session!

* almost effortless

* a fun and unique way to do something nice for yourself

* a great gift idea – especially for MOTHER’S DAY!

You will receive:

* your own on-line Casual Color palette with styling suggestions based on your natural coloring and personality traits.

To get started we’re going to need 1-3 well-lit, close-up headshots and a little more lifestyle information. Prepayment is required.

For more info and registration, please click here: The Wright Fit’s Casual Color Consult