This is Not About Weight Loss……

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Am I the only person who finds it challenging not to gain weight in the summer?  I much prefer exercising outdoors in cool, crisp and even cold weather.  So unless I exercise early morning in the summer, my activity level can take a dive when it’s hot and humid.  It also doesn’t help when I visit my Mom or Much Older Sis (both of whom I’ve recently visited). Why? Because they’re 2 of the bestest cooks known to humankind, and I overeat their cooking – that’s why!

Nor am I one of those all or nothing people.  When it’s not Mom or Val’s cooking, moderation works best for me. The mere thought of any kind of elimination diet automatically makes me want the food that’s being eliminated.  Even if it was the “lamb and salmon free diet,” I would probably crave both, and I can’t stand either.

Therefore, summer time is a time of weight maintenance for this gal. If that resonates with you, here are some things that help me stay on track:

** Keep Val and Mom visits to a minimum – HAAAA!

** I love the Vagabond Sandwich CompanyAviator Salad with their Fried Chicken on top.  The fried chicken is the treat, so no chips.

** I have one, maybe two, of these bite sized Sea Salt Caramel cookies after dinner.  I make a double batch and bake them in 2 pans, like brownies. Once cooled and cut into bite size pieces, I put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. Scrumptilicious!

** When it comes to exercise, one tool I can’t be without is my Garmin pedometer. I don’t care about the other bells and whistles, just the step tracker.  My goal is to get in at least 30 minutes of structured exercise (strength training and/or walk) and 10,000+ steps per day.  If no structured exercise happens to happen, then the 10,000 steps are a must. I was at 9,943 steps yesterday by 3:00 pm and ended up with over 13,000. Acceptable.

Do you have any gems of weight maintenance wisdom for those of us who choose moderation? If so, would love to hear them.

I’ll leave you with this extremely refreshing and sweet-tooth- satiating, fruit dish Much Older Sis made last weekend. Spritz bite sized pieces of chilled watermelon, pineapple and fresh mint with lime juice. Gently mix and serve in pretty bowl or on a platter. Simply delicious.

Are You Only Getting Half the Picture?

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My Virtual Assistant (Richard Wilmore) and I recently ran a Facebook poll asking women if they owned a full-length mirror.  The overwhelming response was YES, but I have to say from closet-editing experiences, approximately 35% of the clients I’ve worked with did not have one.

If you don’t own a full-length mirror, my question to you is how can you get the whole picture of your outfit? Ya can’t! You’re only getting half the picture.

So don’t leave the house like I’m about to do (bottom left) in an outfit that’s 1/2 polished and 1/2 crazy!

You can find full-length mirrors at Target, Wal-Mart, and numerous other places for under $20.00.  Consider treating yourself to one.  Get the picture?

Evolved Youthful

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About a month ago, I was trying to come up with a term to describe some of the women in my life who seem to be ageless. Evolved Youthful (EY) was my answer. For me, EY represents beauty (internal/external), vitality, confidence, panache, and an inner knowledge of who we are. Truth be told, most of those things come with a little age and life experiences.

Val, Bev, Paula, Patricia, Glenna, and Suz personify EY. They get the fact that yes, we get older. But instead of fighting it, they go with it and ROCK it! Why? Because they’re Evolved and Youthful!


Val: top L – Loves Earthy Colors, Funky-Classic
Bev: top R – Casual, Bohemian, Sporty
Paula: middle row L – Funky-Trendy, Bold, Rocks Neutrals
Patricia: middle row R – Trendy, Eclectic, Artsy
Glenna: Bottom L – Girlie, Sporty, Bohemian
Suz: Bottom R – Sporty, Funky, Unique

40’s, 50’s and 60’s represented here. 😉

Case Study – To Makeup or Not to Makeup

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Here’s the case study set up: you have an important meeting, coffee date, interview, networking event or first date. How do you show up? What do you want to project? What can you do to feel your absolute best?

Do you show up sans makeup like me in picture #1? Or maybe you apply a tinted moisturizer and lip balm like I’ve done in picture #2. I can tell you this for sure, I feel most confident and authentic in picture #3.

I know many who can just wear mascara or a beautiful lip color to look and feel amazing. But as you can see in picture #1, that’s a tentative smile. If I were to leave the house like that, I’d pray I didn’t run into anyone I know. I freely and happily admit that I LOVE what just a little makeup can do to make my features pop, and help me feel more attractive. And if I feel my best, as I do in picture #3 by adding eyeliner and mascara, I’ll have a much better chance of shining!

How about you? 

Shine Time – Bev’s Story

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“I think if you’re comfortable in your style, you’re going to shine no matter what.”
Bev Smith

Bev Smith is a quiet power house. She’s smart, warm, impactful and oh-so-funny.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bev in the 1990’s when I was a trainer at the Bel Air Athletic Club. In 2011, after running into Bev on the Ma & Pa trail, I told her about my fledging Personal Styling Business – The Wright Fit.  Bev, already a member of The Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network, told me about the organization and it’s many benefits.

I joined CPWN later that week and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thanks to Bev.  CPWN has been instrumental in the growth of The Wright Fit, and I’ve met amazing mentors and lifelong friends through the organization, thanks to Bev.  I think we have a recurring theme here.  And did I mention Bev is now the President of CPWN? Well, she is. Pretty cool.

Bev has been in the Real Estate business for 14 years and works as a Realtor and “Listing Specialist” with Tessier Real Estate.  She works hard and smart for her clients and they all appreciate her calm demeanor and sassy sense of humor. Because let’s face it, buying and/or selling a home is a huge and stressful life event!

Not long after I joined CPWN, Bev decided she wanted to “up” her professional style and hired me for a Personal Shopping trip.  Admittedly, not a dress wearer, Bev saw the light that day and became somewhat of a dress convert.  Over the years with a closet-edit and occasional, seasonal Personal Shopping trips, Bev has truly come into her AUTHENTIC STYLE.  A style that exudes quiet confidence with nothing to prove.

These days you’ll find Bev stylin’ in her favorite distressed jeans, skinny white crops, bohemian inspired tops and casual summer dresses.  She has a knack for looking polished in all of her personal uniforms.  Bev has also decided (at least for now) to embrace her naturally wavy hair, cutting down on her “getting ready” time.

Authentic style, embracing the waves…The Bev has definitely learned to take the stress out of getting dressed while coming into her own.

Learn more about Bev’s Story in this short video.