Color adds so much beauty to our lives. Think of the bright and CLEAR colors that blossom each spring. How about the EARTHY hues that captivate us each fall?  Yep, color rocks. And if you wear a flattering color near your face, it will brighten and even out your complexion. Who doesn’t want that?

But if you’re not sure which colors will make you SHINE, you’ve come to the Wright place.  Our virtual Casual Color Snapshot was designed to brighten you up in a jiffy! Will you be EARTHY or MISTY? Maybe you’ll be VIVID, or sparkle in CLEAR, or could you be a TANGY mix of them all? Can’t stand the suspense? Sign up and have your Casual Color Snapshot palette revealed!

A Casual Color Snapshot is:

* Only $28

* Almost effortless

* A fun and unique way to do something nice for yourself

* A great gift idea

You will receive via email:

* A Casual Color Snapshot palette, as well as an accessory and lip color suggestion based on your natural coloring and personality traits.

To get started we’re going to need 1-3 well-lit, close-up headshots and a little more lifestyle information.  Prepayment is required.

Register for your Casual Color Snapshot here.