Find Your Authentic Magic Playdate

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Recently Life Coach Stacey Andon and I joined forces for our Find Your Authentic Magic Playdate.  The goal of an Andon/Wright Playdate is to create an enlightening and bonding experience like no other. New friend Karen Kukurin attended the September playdate and was a tremendous addition. She brought warmth, strength, humor and smarts to a dynamic group of ladies. Karen was kind enough to write about her experience…. and this is what she had to say:

It was a cool autumn morning as I set off Saturday to attend what was called a play date for women. Life Coach Stacey Andon and Fashion Stylist Wendy Wright had teamed up to create a transformational workshop on finding one’s authentic self. Ten woman, some coming from as far away as Annapolis and having various backgrounds from working for an international non-profit, to an organic farmer, to a stay-at-home mom, gathered in Stacey’s comfortable home, which was delightfully decorated for fall. Sipping on pumpkin spice coffee and cinnamon tea, we set off to reconnect with our innate selves, which often get lost in the chaos of life and the influence of others.. Stacey, who is a certified Martha Beck life coach and who has extensive experience in learning and development programs, took us through several self awareness exercises to unearth clues to what really is our true identity. At first it wasn’t easy, but as we discussed various answers, layers of beliefs were peeled away and our internal compasses, which we are all born with, were revealed. Wright, whose before and after makeovers appear in Harford’s Heart Magazine and who studied with Carla Mathis, a pioneer in design as a therapeutic tool, explained how clothing can enhance and anchor our authenticity. “Often there is a disconnect when we dress or decorate for others or according to the latest fads, “ she said. Capping off the morning we took a walk in a nearby woods and were instructed to take photos of trees and plants that we were attracted to. Afterwards, as we shared photos many of us were surprised they represented our authentic style! It was a marvelous, informative time and wonderfully relaxing. It is also the first step to finding your passion. If you’d like to attend one of Stacey and Wendy’s events, I suggest you contact them to get on their mailing list. Definitely a self-care exercise. or
Karen Kukurin

Stay tuned for more info on January’s “Start 2018 Soul-Full” playdate!