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Shine Time – Nettie’s Story

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Wow, check out Nettie Owens – Sappari Solutions.  If you’ve ever been to one of her presentations or workshops, you know she’s grace in action. She has a commanding, yet unassuming manner. She’s also the kind of client I dream about because she makes a hugely positive difference in the lives and businesses she touches.

This is what she does: Nettie works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations to reach their biggest goals through accountability and productivity.

She’s a nationally recognized organizing, accountability, and productivity expert. Her methodologies are brain-based and backed by science. She has written the book on creating an environment that supports who you are, what you do and where you would like to go. It is her mission to help others to clear the path to their potential.

Nettie recently hired me for the second time in 2 years to help her achieve 3 new style goals.

Nettie’s three style goals:
1) Clothing to align with the target market she is trying to reach
2) More outfits/options for her many work videos
3) Clothing for speaking engagements

Before we did anything else, and to help Nettie achieve those goals, I asked her what she wanted to project (style intention) to herself, her clients and the world, with the aid of her wardrobe (see video below for her answer). I believe if we want to feel great in our authentic style, we must answer those questions first, and then make sure our wardrobe works in harmony with our intention.

What we did: Since we wanted Nettie’s outfits to be as flattering as possible, we determined her color palette with a Casual Color Snapshot (she’s Vivid, in case you’re wondering).

Next, we did a closet – edit refresh since it had been 2 years since our last edit. Doing so helped us not repeat any purchases, as well as say bye-bye to those items no longer making the cut.

Lastly, we went shopping…. and had a blast as you can see from the shopping excursion pictures, but I’ll let Nettie tell you more about that in the video.

I knew Nettie had achieved her style goals when I saw the picture (first at top of page) of her speaking to approximately 100 people at a conference in Dallas two weeks ago. My graceful, mild-mannered – yet commanding, bad-a$s friend is oozing stylish confidence. You go Nettie Owens.


“I had so much fun with Wendy Wright-The Wright Fit yesterday. Totally revamped my wardrobe and I feel great! I don’t love to shop but Wendy made it easy and now I have a closet full of clothes that look great on me and I can easily mix and match.”
Nettie Owens

Shine Time with Jen and Jory

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I met both of these amazing women in 2012, and in a fun, six degrees of separation kind of way, they met each other in 2018!  Learn how Jen Snyder, Family Storyteller and Jory Fisher, Business Coach & Sales Trainer, impact the lives of many, as well as how discovering their authentic style has impacted their own lives. This is good stuff…

Jen Snyder, Family Storyteller 

The day Jen Snyder reached out to connect with me, was my lucky day. Over the years we have become steadfast friends, and we’ve worked on numerous projects together, including our Seasonal Style Guides (with fellow Amiga Sarah Bacon).

Jen, with her creativity, social media savvy and incredible photography, has been instrumental in making The Wright Fit, the actual right fit for a lot of wonderful clients. For that I am ever grateful. 

And while her main concentration is Family Storytelling, Jen is also a talented professional head-shot specialist (see Jory’s stunning Traditional and Modern head shots below). If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your professional head shots, make sure you get in touch with Jen. You’re Welcome! LOL

Below you will find Jen’s website and contact info, as well as her answers to a few questions:

Jen, what exactly is a Family Storyteller?
I inspire authenticity in motherhood so that Moms can find and celebrate their moments of unconditional love in their everyday lives. I believe that the real magic and nostalgia in life comes from the moments, not the big milestones, but it’s easy to lose track of those everyday moments when Moms are drowning in sleep deprivation, over-scheduled days of driving the kids to practice, and their massive to-do lists. I help Moms find their moments of unconditional love by guiding them to find their own stories. We sit down together and discuss just what are those moments right now that you know the kids will outgrow? Their quirks, hobbies, even the things that drive you absolutely crazy? I come to their homes and photograph these moments, creating a beautiful album of their every day, authentic, beautiful lives. We celebrate tomorrow’s nostalgia today.

How would you describe your style?
authentic, sentimental, quirky

Has discovering your authentic style impacted your life and/or business?
Discovering my authentic style has simplified and streamlined my life: everything from making a big decision (does this reflect who I am?) down to deciding what to wear (Does this outfit reflect who I am?). It’s helped steer the course of my business, as well. In the past, I’d make decisions based on the direction the wind was blowing and often I couldn’t really put my finger on why something worked or why it didn’t. Now I understand if it’s in harmony with my authentic self it has a much higher success rate. Style is more than just the way you dress- it’s who you are as a whole and is represented in how you dress.
Contact Jen:

Jory Fisher, Business Coach & Sales Trainer

I was immediately impressed with Jory when I met her. She lit up that meeting room with her warmth, sense of humor and intelligence. We quickly became friends and took advantage of each other’s unique skills of coaching and personal styling. I’d like to think we’ve helped each other transform our businesses, Jory by helping me see my own strength and potential, and me by being Jory’s catalyst in her professional-funky-bohemian style.

To my entrepreneurial friends –  if you’re looking for a positive influence in your life, as well as a Business Coach/Sales Trainer who will help you grow your business, reach out to Jory! You won’t be sorry. 

Below you will find Jory’s website and contact info, as well as her answers to a few questions….oh yeah, and a great Before & After pic!

How would you describe your style?
An eclectic combination of Business Casual, Business Bohemian, Sporty, Professional, and Preppy 😉
Has discovering your authentic style impacted your life and/or business?
Definitely. No longer an attorney and law professor, I don’t concern myself with what I’m expected to wear. Wendy helped me learn which colors and styles look best on me. Now I can confidently dress the way I feel.Thank you, Wendy!
How do you help your clientele grow their businesses and reach their dreams?
I love working with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses steadily and joyfully. I help my clients hone their communication and business skills so they can increase sales and develop healthy, long-term relationships with their customers.

Contact Jory:
Here’s a fun BEFORE (left) & AFTER (right) of Jory from 2013, the same year I introduced her to my hairstylist Ashley Sherwood Wingate at Jordan Thomas. I truly believe Jory’s hair makeover has had the most impact on her stunning, style transformation. Jory still sees Ashley today!

Alisha’s Story – A Shine Time Special on Increasing Confidence

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“Thanks for featuring my story and the theme of Plus Sizes! I want women of all sizes to know that they have the right and deserve to feel good every day! xoxo

Alisha was referred to me two years ago by Maura McCarthy, owner of Remedy Wellness, and I could not be more thankful!! Finally, and after lots of hounding by me, Alisha agreed to be a Shine Timefeature. Because we’ve worked together for several years (seasonal closet-edits and personal shopping trips), Alisha and I have discovered there are a lot of stylish plus-size clothing options out thereOptions to help you rock your style and shine like you’re meant to! Alisha, I can’t thank you enough for your real and positive perspectives. THANK YOU!

So without further ado, here’s my incredibly supportive client and even better …. my amazing friend Alisha, answering two important questions for us.

How has discovering (and continued discovery of) your authentic style impacted your life?
I think discovering my authentic style is an evolving process, but I’ve found that it’s definitely boosted my confidence in both my personal and professional life. When I wear something I feel good in that automatically translates to how I hold and present myself to the world, and the world often notices. Before I started expanding my wardrobe, I wore nondescript black v-neck tops and cardigans or blazers, partly because I was frustrated with the limited options out there for plus sizes. While I may have been presentable, these choices weren’t doing much for me. When I was on a date several years ago, my date mentioned the store Torrid to me. He said they had a lot of great clothing options. I’m guessing this was a polite reference to my choice of date outfit. While that date didn’t go anywhere, my love affair with Torrid officially began and I immediately started expanding my wardrobe with flowy, colorful blouses, better-fitting jeans and more form-fitting cardigans, and even a dress!

I branched out with this first step and then when I started working with Wendy, I took more risks. I’m not exaggerating when I say that any item Wendy has helped me choose has always gotten positive feedback from others (even when I was hesitant to choose a particular item!). It’s still an evolving process and I may not get it right every day, but I love how I feel when I’m in something I feel good in! In this past year, I’ve gotten a promotion at work and have recently started dipping back into the online dating world. I think that finding my authentic style has contributed to both of these things. We all deserve to feel great in what we wear, regardless of what our size may be! I encourage everyone to take risks with their wardrobes–I promise it will pay off!

What are your favorite stores?
I’m thrilled that there are more options out there for plus sizes than there used to be and it keeps expanding.  The days of plus sizes being hidden away in dark corners next to the furniture sections of stores are starting to change, thanks in part also to online shopping options.

Some of my favorite stores are:

Amaryllis Handcrafted Jewelry–it’s my absolute favorite, and they give everyone a 25% discount on an item on their birthday every year!
Bra-la-la–finding a good bra is so important!
Torrid–don’t be fooled by the many Disney-themed or skull-themed items, if you look, you’ll find beautiful flower patterns or solids, and great jeans!
Dressbarn  has become a more recent favorite–I wore a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans from there out to dinner with a friend this week and she complimented me on my outfit.
Macy’s–great for capri pants.
DSW–great inexpensive jewelry options that look more expensive than they are. I always get compliments on my DSW purchases.
Land’s End–fantastic bathing suits. I love their tankinis and swim short/skirt options.
Target–I just bought a great AVA raincoat for the fall!
Nordstrom Rack–have found some fantastic tops and cardigans.
Kohl’s–love their Vera Wang tops and Apt. 9 cardigans!

I’m starting to experiment with some online places and recently ordered some items from Simply Be and am also looking at Modcloth. There are more and more options available now so I encourage anyone who is plus size (or any size!) to look into what else is out there by looking into blogs and other online sources.  It takes some work, but in the end it’s worth it to feel confident in what you wear and have a lot of options at your fingertips! You’re worth it!

P.S. The current issue (September 2018) of The Oprah Magazine has an excellent feature on Plus-Sizes including: Plus-size history, beautiful style guides, models, role-models and designers.  Check it out!

Shine Time – Bev’s Story

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“I think if you’re comfortable in your style, you’re going to shine no matter what.”
Bev Smith

Bev Smith is a quiet power house. She’s smart, warm, impactful and oh-so-funny.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bev in the 1990’s when I was a trainer at the Bel Air Athletic Club. In 2011, after running into Bev on the Ma & Pa trail, I told her about my fledging Personal Styling Business – The Wright Fit.  Bev, already a member of The Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network, told me about the organization and it’s many benefits.

I joined CPWN later that week and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thanks to Bev.  CPWN has been instrumental in the growth of The Wright Fit, and I’ve met amazing mentors and lifelong friends through the organization, thanks to Bev.  I think we have a recurring theme here.  And did I mention Bev is now the President of CPWN? Well, she is. Pretty cool.

Bev has been in the Real Estate business for 14 years and works as a Realtor and “Listing Specialist” with Tessier Real Estate.  She works hard and smart for her clients and they all appreciate her calm demeanor and sassy sense of humor. Because let’s face it, buying and/or selling a home is a huge and stressful life event!

Not long after I joined CPWN, Bev decided she wanted to “up” her professional style and hired me for a Personal Shopping trip.  Admittedly, not a dress wearer, Bev saw the light that day and became somewhat of a dress convert.  Over the years with a closet-edit and occasional, seasonal Personal Shopping trips, Bev has truly come into her AUTHENTIC STYLE.  A style that exudes quiet confidence with nothing to prove.

These days you’ll find Bev stylin’ in her favorite distressed jeans, skinny white crops, bohemian inspired tops and casual summer dresses.  She has a knack for looking polished in all of her personal uniforms.  Bev has also decided (at least for now) to embrace her naturally wavy hair, cutting down on her “getting ready” time.

Authentic style, embracing the waves…The Bev has definitely learned to take the stress out of getting dressed while coming into her own.

Learn more about Bev’s Story in this short video.


Shine Time – Heather’s Story

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“I’m a stay at home mom, frequent entertainer and trying to stay hip and fit to keep up with my three kids. I recently had Wendy come and do a closet edit. She was so helpful and encouraging. She weeded through my “never been worn” and “haven’t worn in a while” clothing. She helped me get rid of what did not suit me and gave me new inspiration with what I already own.
I now have a better idea of how to put together pieces that I wouldn’t have thought about in the past. It was like shopping in my own closet!!”
Heather Woody

Heather was one of my favorite co-workers when we worked at The Bel Air Athletic Club in the late 1990’s.  So when she contacted me in February to help her edit her wardrobe, I was excited to see my old (you know what I mean, she’s obviously not old) friend.

Heather has an ethereal beauty.  One in which I envision her starring in a period piece like “Pride and Prejudice” or “Poldark” on Masterpiece.  But her beauty runs deep, in her warmth of heart and kindness.

She wanted to make sure she was getting the most of her current wardrobe, so we re-styled many of her basic pieces with items less worn (denim vest), to create fun, “new” outfits.

I love the olive green vest Heather paired with the cream, lacy top, jeans and boots,  kind of  military meets feminine. Heather also created a stylishly, simple outfit by pairing her denim jacket with a casual, black dress. Easy-peasy-polished.

The main goal was to create those “in-between” outfits (polished casual) for everyday errand running, as well as casual entertaining.I believe Heather’s inner and outer beauty shine through in these non-complicated ensembles. Mission accomplished!