Case Studies in Making an Effort

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A couple of months ago while clothes scouting at TJMaxx, I ran into Nettie Owens, Productivity Consultant and owner of Sappari Consulting. She looked amazing in a simple wrap dress, kitten heeled – nude pumps, and minimal makeup. I asked her if she had an important meeting to go to and she informed me she did not.  I admit, I was a little surprised to see her dressed so professionally when she didn’t have to meet with a client, and yet I was proud of Nettie. You see, she had hired The Wright Fit two years prior to help her tweak and update her wardrobe. It had taken. Nettie told me she had been working from home and then had some errands to run. She said dressing professionally and feeling good about how she was presenting herself made her much more productive.  Boy oh boy do I get that.

Here are a few more thoughts on the subject in my Style File Side Bar in the current Harford’s Heart Magazine:



Be Heard, Without Saying a Word

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Recently in Stacey Andon’s MapMakers, we did a guided meditation that helped us connect with our ideal client, or IC.  During the mediation we asked our IC what she most wanted.  Mine said she wanted to be heard, even without speaking.  Meaning she wants to become her most confident and radiant self, through her authentic style.

And knowing that our ideal clients are actually extensions of ourselves, I thought about what I want.  I’m not controversial, yet I have strong opinions and beliefs.  I don’t have a forceful personality, yet I’m not a wall-flower.  I don’t look for conflict, yet I’ll get scrappy if needed.  I don’t seek fame and fortune, yet I want to feel appreciated.  I love to listen, and I want to be listened to.  Simply put, I want to be heard, in my own extroverted-introvert way.

For example, maybe if it’s one of those days I don’t want to be seen,  I can still silently say, “I’m sporty and put-together,” while wearing cargo pants, a colorful fleece, a cute ball-cap and of course, a rosy lip balm. That way I’m covered and I don’t feel like a schlump.

But if my extroverted side were to be in command, you’d mostly likely hear me shouting I’m sassy, fun-loving and unique in my swing-dress, black leggings, combat boots and bomber jacket…. all without muttering a word.

Now it’s your turn. Imagine you’re on a stage in an auditorium filled with people.  Stand there silently for 30 seconds.  What would the audience hear? Are you happy with what you’re saying?

In Jen Coakley, owner of Jenskin Studio’s case, the audience would hear peacefulness, humor, kindness and low-key, sexy confidence

Audrey Watson, owner of Aucala Creative Co is silently saying I’m confident, fresh, articulate, and I have an eye for great style!

Lisa Baldino, owner of Turn of Phrase Marketing, silently exudes classic style, professionalism and savviness, while being extremely approachable.

And Bev Smith, Realtor and Listing Specialist with Tessier Real Estate is telling us she’s down-to-earth, warm, fun and knows her stuff.

I believe we all want to be heard, but what we silently say is up to us.  I hope you rock it! 😉

Are You Only Getting Half the Picture?

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My Virtual Assistant (Richard Wilmore) and I recently ran a Facebook poll asking women if they owned a full-length mirror.  The overwhelming response was YES, but I have to say from closet-editing experiences, approximately 35% of the clients I’ve worked with did not have one.

If you don’t own a full-length mirror, my question to you is how can you get the whole picture of your outfit? Ya can’t! You’re only getting half the picture.

So don’t leave the house like I’m about to do (bottom left) in an outfit that’s 1/2 polished and 1/2 crazy!

You can find full-length mirrors at Target, Wal-Mart, and numerous other places for under $20.00.  Consider treating yourself to one.  Get the picture?

Case Study – To Makeup or Not to Makeup

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Here’s the case study set up: you have an important meeting, coffee date, interview, networking event or first date. How do you show up? What do you want to project? What can you do to feel your absolute best?

Do you show up sans makeup like me in picture #1? Or maybe you apply a tinted moisturizer and lip balm like I’ve done in picture #2. I can tell you this for sure, I feel most confident and authentic in picture #3.

I know many who can just wear mascara or a beautiful lip color to look and feel amazing. But as you can see in picture #1, that’s a tentative smile. If I were to leave the house like that, I’d pray I didn’t run into anyone I know. I freely and happily admit that I LOVE what just a little makeup can do to make my features pop, and help me feel more attractive. And if I feel my best, as I do in picture #3 by adding eyeliner and mascara, I’ll have a much better chance of shining!

How about you? 

Standing Room Only?

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A couple of weeks ago while scanning my closet for things to purge, I pulled out “Ole Yeller.”  I had only worn her once this summer, so I decided to do a day-test, that is, wear her for the day to see if I still liked her enough to keep her.

Later that morning I met a few friends for coffee.  As soon as I walked into the café, they complimented me on Yeller, and even suggested I wear her  for a style video I was shooting later that day.  Flattered by the compliments and not listening to my gut, I wore her.

Here’s what I learned: Listen to your gut, especially when you don’t want to bring attention to it. HAA! I liked the top whilst standing, but when it came to sitting, all bets were off.  You see, in the seated position, Yeller became clingy, making me feel quite self-conscious of my torso area.  I became a mini-diva, as I couldn’t find what I thought to be a flattering position to sit in.  I had to change into pants from a skort, thinking that would camouflage my tummy more.  It didn’t help. And as Richard Wilmore of The Richard Wilmore Show filmed a conversation between Kathy Wise of Streetwise and myself, I was sweating buckets, not only because it was a 1000 degrees outside, but because I was uncomfortable/self conscious  in Yeller.  I don’t even know what the hell I said in our conversation.  I hope it made some sense because Kathy and I talked about 2 great topics: 1) what to wear when you’ve lost a lot of weight and 2) the importance of situational awareness if exercising outside alone (please see the attached videos).

Standing room only? I think not.  Life’s too damn short to waste time feeling that self conscious.  Therefore, Ole Yeller is in the “donate” pile, but in her honor, I’m going to find another lemon-yellow top or dress that I feel terrific wearing.