A Few Of The Wright Fit’s Favorite Local Businesses
The Wright Fit has either partnered or worked with the following local businesses and highly recommends them!

Jordan Thomas Salon and Spa,  Bel Air, MD. Owner, Terry McGill
Coco Leigh Hair Boutique, Bel Air, MD.  Owner, Nicole Markopoulos
Remedy Wellness, Bel Air, MD. Owner Maura McCarthy
 JenSkin Studios, Bel Air, MD. Owner Jennifer Coakley

B. Fabulous, Bel Air, MD.
Urban Pearl, Bel Air, MD. Owner, Lyn Irey Boone
Velvet Trunk, Bel Air, MD. Owner, Marissa Drayton-Smalley

Jen Snyder Photographer, Forest Hill, MD.  Owner, Jen Snyder

The Joy of Sewing Service, Forest Hill, MD. Owner, Joy Pelt

Pizzazz, Havre de Grace, MD.

Harford’s Heart Magazine

Coffee House
Coffee Coffee, Bel Air, MD.

Business/Life Coaches
Jory Fisher
Keith Daw
Ronnie Davis
Stacey Andon

Professional Organizing
Sappari Solutions, Have de Grace, MD. Owner Nettie Owens