Linda’s “before” outfit makes her appear more “hippy” than she actually is, due to the taper in the cropped pants. Linda’s “after” shows off her mile-long legs, and makes her look much more contemporary. These clothes were in her closet – Linda just needed some help mixing and matching.


Val’s “before” picture seems a little frumpy. Add this faux animal print wrap and a stylish pair of boots, and go from frumpy to fantastic!


Kathryn wanted to add color and sassiness to her classic style. Mission accomplished! The royal blue classic wrap-dress not only looks great with her natural coloring, but also works beautifully with her triangle body silhouette.


Pattie is an artist with a fun personality, but her Before outfit ages her. Pattie took years off her looks by updating her hairstyle, wearing a little bit of makeup and purchasing more contemporary wardrobe pieces. What a difference!


Amanda won a makeover contest sponsored by Harford Style Magazine. She wanted to take her typical “yoga pants look” to the next level. We showed Amanda how a stylish, new haircut and flattering, yet comfortable wardrobe pieces, could change her life. It only takes a little effort to reap huge benefits!