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An Oldie But A Goodie

As I was recently cleaning out a corner of my basement, I rediscovered something I wasn't looking for.

It was my first ever marketing tool for The Wright Fit: an old poster.

After I cleaned off half an inch of dust from it, the memories started flooding back.

Like the time the poster - incased in a glass frame, blew over at an outdoor event. It shattered loudly as it hit the pavement. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look my way. I was mortified. After that incident, I found a plastic casing for it.

But I dismissed that embarrassing memory and gave my old poster a fresh look. What I pleasantly realized is that after about 14 years, the body-typing guidelines still ring true.

Let's take Linda as an example. We easily created a slenderizing waistline with a nipped-in sweater vest combo. I hope you enjoyed the movie, Linda!

We gave Barb more of an hourglass figure by using color and volume. We narrowed her shoulders with a darker color on top and added volume to her lower body by switching out her skinny jeans for off-white, boot-cut khakis. What a cute lunch date Barb makes!

Rose's olive-green suit was no match for the cream outfit. With the change, she instantly went from frumpy to très chick! No doubt she knocked the socks off her dinner date.

Even in today's more 'relaxed' biz settings, check out how much more professional and polished Gina looks in her 'after.' And with that all that confidence, I bet she got the big promotion!

As my models beautifully demonstrate, these simple style guidelines are timeless!

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