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FALL in love with your Autumn wardrobe

Dopamine dressing is about dressing with the intention of boosting your mood.

It's not only about color - though vibrant and vivid colors are part of this trend - but it's also about styles and textures that help you feel beautiful and confident when wearing them.

Sure, you can wear brown! It comes in cool and warm undertones. And it's a little softer than black or navy, making it a great neutral option for those of us over 50.

For extra fun, pair your brown with oranges, lighter blues, pinks and turquoise/aqua.

The biggest trends in jeans are flares, wide-legs, loose, and the universally flattering straight-leg.

Love your skinnies? Try these contemporary looking options!

* Tuck them into your tall boots

* Pair them with a trendy over-sized, button-down shirt and western booties

* Wear them with a relaxed blazer and lug-sole loafers

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