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Lifestyle Fav Finds

Hi friends - here's this year's Favorite Finds List! Many of these wonderful finds were found thanks to someone (clients/friends/family) introducing me to them. Every Fav Find pictured has enhanced my life in some way. I hope you find a little something here to enhance yours.

So let's get to it! Simply click the pics for shoppable links.

Happy Holiday Time!

Wendy xoxo

"The Magic Mala" by Bob Olson $12.99:

I love this spiritually inspiring 'how to' book, written as an easy-read novel.

(Thanks Bev & Tommie)

Mala Bracelet/Beads $15.90:

108 Beads, Matte Jasper Stone, Spiritual, Meditation.

(Thanks Richie!)

Aqua Globes Mini - Watering Globes approx. $16:

They really jazz-up house plants!

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels $19.99:

Well, they're just frickin' scrumptious!

(Thanks Mom!)

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