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Makeup Fav Finds

Hi friends - here's this year's Favorite Finds List! Many of these wonderful finds were found thanks to someone (clients/friends/family) introducing me to them. Every Fav Find pictured has enhanced my life in some way. I hope you find a little something here to enhance yours.

So let's get to it! Simply click the pic for shoppable links.

Happy Holiday Time!

Wendy xoxo

My friend Jen Coakley introduced me to Jones Road Beauty earlier this year. I'm so thankful she did. These products are clean, unique, and perfect for a natural, radiant makeup look.

Jones Road WTF (What The Foundation) $44:

WTF is a tinted moisture balm meets traditional foundation.

Jones Road Face Pencil $25:

Cover redness and dark spots, correct discoloration, and lighten dark circles.

Jones Road Miracle Balm $38:

A wash of soft-focus moisture to perfect and enhance skin.

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