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The Gray Area

I wasn't being brave. I wasn't making a point. I was simply tired of doing root touch-ups.

That's why I grew out my gray hair.

But along the 15 month journey, something funny happened. I began to feel empowered by a sense of 'hair' freedom.

I've grown to appreciate my gray. It saves me tons of time and money.

For example:
- I can go 3-4 days in-between hair washings.
- I only visit my stylist Ashley every 2 months for a cut, ash brown lowlights, and a few platinum highlights. This gives my hair dimension and funkiness.

But going gray isn't for everyone.

Hell, I swore I was going to color my hair until the day I left this world! And know if you decide to do it, some may not love your decision. You may even experience 'ageism' as Toronto news anchor Lisa LaFlamme did.
I've only had 1 person start to go down Ageism Road with me. I quickly cut him off and told him to 'tread lightly.' He did. Hopefully I helped him rethink the whole gray thing. And no, it wasn't Will.

No doubt being blonde prior, made the somewhat awkward and lengthy transition easier, but for me, it's been well worth it.
If you're toying with the idea of growing out your gray, check out the links below. I hope they're helpful.

Whatever you decide, do it for you!

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