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What's Age Got To Do With It?

After reading the book Breaking the Age Code," by Becca Levy, PhD, it got me thinking about the "age appropriate" approach some of us employ with our personal style; especially when we hit a certain age.

Here's the gist of the book. It's about how our belief system around "aging," can have a profound effect, be it negative or positive, on how long, and how well we live.

It's packed with science-backed research that illuminates the benefits of embracing aging, and not fearing it.

But, don't take my word for it, check out the book!

Now, let's get back to that age appropriate thing.

Take my 67 year old friend Suz.

Suz's energy puts the Ever-Ready Battery Bunny's to shame. Google the term "full-of-life," Suz's picture will flood your search. Well, it should, anyway.

I asked her what 'age appropriate' meant to her and loved her answer.

Suz thinks about what makes her feel good in life (like activity and fluidity of movement), and applies it to her style.

A sporty, funky, casual wardrobe, along with no-nonsense hair and makeup, helps Suz feel her authentic best.

And while I've never bought into the idea that you have to dress a certain way after a certain age, Suz and I agree, we would not wear a lot of the same things we did in our younger days.

Instead, we allow our wardrobes to evolve around our intrinsic style.

For example, Suz loved mini-skirts in her 20's and 30's.

But these days she opts for a great fitting pair of jeans with combat boots, a jean jacket and a funky scarf. Yep, Suz knows her style and she rocks it.

But what if you have no idea where your style is headed?

Pay attention to the everyday people in your life whose looks you're drawn to.
What is it about their style that you love?

Once you figure that out, it will help you create your own ageless look.

So instead of asking ourselves if something is "age appropriate," maybe we should follow Suz's lead and ask ourselves if we feel good in what we're wearing.

Food for thought.

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