First impressions and appearances do matter. Despite the importance of discovering someone’s real inner content, your outward image is, indeed, a reflection of you. Did you ever notice how you feel when you wear a “knock-out” dress or a flattering pair of jeans? You feel FABULOUS! Does a great hair day or some new makeup change your attitude? You bet it does! By refining your wardrobe, choosing your best colors, and updating your hairstyle and makeup, you will naturally exude confidence, and you’ll let the new you shine through! As your personal stylist, my job is to make sure your outward appearance reflects your inner beauty. Call me to schedule an appointment.

Here are some other reasons to consider a personal stylist:

It’s more affordable than you think!
You want to know what colors make you look most radiant.
You feel your personal style needs some updating.
You have a closet full of clothes you never wear.
You want to save time and money by taking the guess work out of shopping.
It has been years since you changed your hairstyle or makeup.
Your clothing size has changed due to losing or gaining weight.
You have an upcoming special event, such as a wedding or reunion.
You are re-entering the workforce/going back to school.
You are looking for that special someone.


Call The Wright Fit to schedule an appointment and let’s discover your authentic style!