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Why I Enjoy Skydiving

Because it's really fun!

But let's get real. To each his own. I get that. And I've only been skydiving three times in my life, and they've all been tandem: where you're attached to a professional skydive instructor who does all the work.

The Skydiving adventure timeline:

Once you arrive at the skydive center, you sign your life away with a whole bunch of waivers. Next you meet your assigned professional instructor. Mine has been Tadus (whom I call Hot Tadus - you'll see why) on all three jumps. Your instructor gets your harness thingy on and then takes you through a brief but thorough training session on what to do and what to expect.

Next, you and your new buddies (yes, it's a bonding experience) along with their instructors, are loaded into a small plane and taken to about 10,000 feet. When it's your turn, your instructor gets you in position for the jump and then - BAAM - you're out and basically falling through the sky.

And even though you're falling, it feels like you're flying! It's truly incredible and the closest thing I've ever felt to true freedom.

After the short free fall, the instructor opens the chute and you're rather abruptly catapulted back up a bit and then your float down begins.

The float takes the most time and it's like being on a not-too-scary amusement park ride. It's fantastic. This is your chance to take in the beautiful views surrounding you.

Then it's time to land. Your instructor guides you every step of the way. You may land standing or sliding in on your butt.

That's it!

When my soul gets a little restless and in need of an adventure, skydiving is the cure. It feels like a micro-vacation rolled up in an ultra-exhilarating thrill.

And that's why I enjoy the hell out of it!

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